Ahh end of the week!

It’s Friday and yes another rainy day but it’s warm in the 60’s could possibly get to the mid 70’s I wish we would get a thunderstorm love them , My hubby NOT !hahaha you know how a dog runs or goes from one window to another looking out in anticipation of something or someone outside well that is pretty much my hubby. While I tend to just sit and watch ๐Ÿ˜‚ possibly on Sat their predicting we could get one. I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee and the quietness. My daughter still sleeping as Miss Abigail is too . My son off to his second day of work at the restaurant/ pub. He’s enjoying it . A Long day to day, 11:30 to 9 .

Last night I watched my hubby and I’ s favorite show . Seal Team . Then we settled in bed he went to sleep I read . Let’s just say I should of just kept reading until I finished it ..I was up thinking about it. I’m about 3 chapters to finishing it. Last night as I was reading we had the window open a bit since the house felt stuffy there was a slight breeze so it kept blowing in the fresh outside air . It was strange I t blew in for one moment a cigarette smoke scent. I really can’t say why or who because my kids were not home it was around 10 at night and they don’t smoke . And my neighbors are not that close to us for the breeze to carry it . So that was eerie … I thought oh maybe my dad was thinking of me .. no I’m not loosing it . Ever since my dad passed I have smelled smoke off and on most times it’s been when I’m having a hard day so I don’t know .. it’s strange when you see signs at times of a love one . I would rather think that is what it was then someone lurking around in our woods. A bit after that my son arrived home and we chatted for a bit , him telling me about his first night of work. Then went to settle as I did well tried . ๐Ÿ™„ now its time to get this day done started some laundry in between writing this … yes multitasking . I see sun hmm it’s possible we could see a thunderstorm! They say sun coming out a bit with rain coming in is a perfect recipe for a storm. Well time to get this day done .


Burr.. is it really Spring?

It’s 7:00 in the evening . And I’m COLD! When I woke the sun was shining nice and bright. So I got up had my coffee and breakfast and then quickly took care of what needed to be done around the house . Made my chop suey so I could finally settle and sit outside and read so I grabbed my book and water bottle and out onto the deck I went … settled into the chair and grabbed my book and noticed it wasn’t as warm as I thought and the weatherman had predicted. Then I noticed the clouds moved in and the sun disappeared … ughh .. it was cold and now even colder with no sun . So I grabbed my book and water bottle and headed back in. Now the house is freezing again and rain tomorrow and only in the 40’s so I may need to have the heat come on a bit or all windows end up shut . Wish Spring would get here . I know it will eventually … it’s just so frustrating after last weekend enjoying the warmth of the sun and enjoying the deck. Want that feeling again. But now..๐Ÿ˜‚ supper is done and covered up with a blanket . And ready to watch the show I recorded last night. I’m thinking a cup of tea sounds like a good idea too . Ok hope everyone has a good night๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday , sun , paint,

Woke up to a sunny warm morning.. so crazy after going to bed with snow coming down and covering the ground. This morning for a good part of the day my husband painted while I moved things on the counters so he could get to the walls. It’ looks so good I’m amazed how refreshing a new color makes you feel about your home . So loving it. It actually makes our kitchen look so much bigger. Miss Abigail we are surprised loves plastic . Found her on the plastic my hubby was using to cover the hallway floor while painting. We have a bit more above the countertop to paint and the hall needs another coat . But my husband called it a day with it around 3. He took shower then laid down for a bit . I went out on the deck to absorb some sun ..

I believe I found how to meditate without even trying to . I was sitting on the deck sun shining down on me it was so bright so I closed my eyes and the warmth of the sun on my face felt so good . I sat there letting the sun warm me . I kept hearing this slight creaking noise that I believe was coming from our solar candle lantern that was hanging on our little barn /shed the slight breeze was swinging it back and forth . My mind was focused on that sound which also cleared my mind from thinking that I could hear the birds chirping in the distance . The leaves krinklingv as they blew around my mind actually was not thinking of anything just relaxed and taking in the sounds around me . It was such a nice calm feeling . Is that a form of meditation ? I hope so it would be nice to mediate more .. I sat out for a bit my hubby and I decided to do our one day weekend takeout so until my hubby arrived home after grabbing it the evening air was chilly so we stayed in and watched tv but at least could see the sunset from my living room window.

First day of Spring!

It’s The first day of Spring . The sun is shining and it’s not too bad temp wise. I cleaned up some of the kitchen then settled in front of the tv catching up once again with the morning news and my cup of coffee or two … then went outside to catch some sun going on the deck for a bit to feel the sun on my face. I capture some pics while I was out there. Now I’m back in and on Miss Abigail patrol … ughh she never liked couches before . But now with this new used leather/ vinyl. sectional so better condition then my old couch is exhausting .. she wants to be on it but her claws … so like I posted found a cover and hoping it comes in sooner then their predicting , next week. I do not know how to keep her off of it especially while we are not all home. Well she can stay downstairs in my daughter and her place but she’s had such freedom to the whole house . But so be it it’s what will have to be . The cover should protect it from her claws .. thick enough. It just needs to arrive. Right now I manage to get her in her chair an old rocking chair that she loves or loved … for now. Leftovers tonight .. love those nights just as much as take out . My hubby may not like it but hmm ..it’s food๐Ÿ™‚ and there is a lot leftover since it was only my hubby and I who ate it. Thinking my daughter was going to be home but she went out with a friend. Well time to do something’s I’ve been neglecting . ๐Ÿ™‚


Today I manage to wake a bit earlier. And get myself out of the house before my son actually woke . I went mudding out of our driveway . Sliding here and there. Yes it’s mud season in New England. The snow is melting making the snow not so pretty looking anymore mixed with the mud a white color car is not a good color for my driveway. I drove into town as the sun beat down into the car warming it . I arrived at the Post Office to collect our mail and looked at my car that was caked with mud all around the tires … I wondered what was making a flapping noises as I was driving I believe it was the mud flying off the tires๐Ÿ™„ after driving through town taking in our quiet little town . I can see people sitting at the pharmacy /soda bar enjoying coffee and chatting. People walking in and out of our little market. With bags of food. I headed home . As I walked into the house I was greeted by my awaken son. Blending up his protein drink he loves so much. I gave him a hug since he had some good news that came in the mail . One of the several colleges he applied to came back congratulating him to their College. Not his top choice …..he’s still waiting to hear . BUT was happy to see the big envelope with the congrats all over it. He said he was on the right track. And I’m happy to say he did his laundry ! ( hahaha) yes I was for the most part doing it before Basic but those days are over. That I’m defiantly not sad about.? Because it was almost in the 50’s I hurried with getting the Shepard’s pie made for dinner so I could go out on the deck and absorb some sun. Then came back into watch some of my General hospital …. it’s so good right now I wanted to see what was going on. The Shepard’s pie I think came out good everyone ate it including my son who is on his own food program. My daughter after working her shift came home and helped herself to a plate and finished it all. Stating it was filling. I believe she enjoyed it.

It’s 9:30 at night now after the beautiful evening sunset which I give the credit to my daughter for captioning it . The guys are asleep . My daughter and Miss Abigail getting ready to head downstairs to their place. We watched some of the I Heart Radio Awards on tv . Seeing the performers we wanted we are done with it now . Oh the music these days . I really do not understand how they are famous…. some are good like the ones I stated my daughter and I enjoyed . But the rest oh boy.. now we do the task of shutting everything off .. the tv , lights , dryer will shut it’s self down when it’s done. Hopefully I can sleep . I’m wide awake . Wish me luck.

Photo Monday!

Once again it’s Monday… Monday’s come so fast . The temps in the mid 40’sand the sun shining nice and bright was a nice start to the week. Today my photos are about the day out you will get the idea of what I mean when I say our driveway is like a road . With the warm temps it’s a mud bath thought we would get stuck ..I went with my daughter. to get an oil change for her car and to keep her company. Our favorite place!The care washand now into the evening..a beautiful sunset. Simple day with my girlโค๏ธ

Photo Monday!

It’s Monday already! Hope everyone had a nice weekend . My weekend was even more low key with resting my sciatic pain and wondering what the weather was going to do. We thought by 8 last night and no snow had arrived we were good hmm.. woke to 8 inches …but being March it’s melting fast and the sun is out now . And temps are rising. Can’t complain. Okay here is my weekend in photos a bit of everything to even my hubby starting the kitchen… prepping it to be painted, our boarder after all these yrs gone and waiting for paint.now time for some coffee and catch up on the news .