The Weekend..

The sun is shining , my daughter is headed to a concert with a friend for the night. My son at his last weekend army drill until he leaves in Oct. shopping is done , chili made and simmering in crockpot for supper ,washing machine humming in the back ground as alway (hahaha) house is clean so now eating some lunch and then I think I will sit outside on my swing and do some adult coloring . While hubby is working on his barn. Then a evening of chili and watch some football on the tv . .. maybe my son will join us after the drill and drive he will want to settle with us to be ready to do it all over again tomorrow. A nice simple weekend . Hope everyone enjoys their day🙂



It’s the end of August but feels like July . Temps are reading over the 90″s with the heaviness of the humidity weighing down on all of us . Us New Englanders are not use to this. The air conditioners are running but they can only do so much . It’s been a day of Soap Opera watching and crockpot cooking to stay cool. Miss Abigail looks up from her nap when she hears me mumbling in disgust at the tv because yes … I get into my Soaps🙄 and she is looking at me like crazy lady who is she talking to no ones here. (Hahaha) I believe another day of this , well that is what they say but only Mother Nature knows that answer.. so we wait. Soaps are over now ,so what to do. I’m sure I’ll find something . Hubby has arrived home so time to check our supper that is cooking.

Good Morning!

Woke to the sun shining bright into my room did my usual scroll through Twitter , Instagram , email before dragging myself to a shower . When I walked out to the kitchen to get my morning cup of coffee I am greeted by Miss Abigail who was staring at me from the chair it seems she has slept in all night . I think my daughter came in late and Miss Abigail settled herself upstairs. Now I have a coffee buddy. My son has just headed out the door for to the gym. Then a run and swim then back home for food and rest then who knows . I see he has marked targets in our woods using plastic milk cartons paper targets to practice his shooting for his Army drills .. he has an air soft gun that shoots pellets . To practice with. Every day it get a bit closer to him leaving and him all business . He is so focused and ready. It throws me how fast he grew into a man . I guess it’s true the youngest grow up so much faster . My daughter seemed stay so young much longer then him. ..

Last night I decided to read out in the living room so the light wouldn’t bother my hubby since he is back to work this week and having a hard time falling asleep early since he stayed up late with me watching movies sitting outside late and just chatting. I read more of Sharp Objects. yes it is a bit different then the mini series. Still very bizarre is the word I am going to use to describe it, ( hahaha) I got into but not so I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those books where I do read it but put it down take a break then pick it up again . There is not many books that I do not finish once I start . It makes you want to keep picking it back up .well time to get this day started.. have a good day everyone .


Thinking to call it an earlier night would be good .. to no avail it hadn’t. I settled in with my sleeping other half , closed my eyes and to have them open to the sound of thunder that shook the house and felt the like it was rumbling beneath us , then the lightening followed that was so blinding it woke my other half up ..he looked at me and even though it was dark I know he saw the disgust on my face. So we laid there watching, listening and chatting . Miss Abigail did not like it she jumped onto the bed and cuddled next to my other half. It’s now morning and the coffee is helping my tiredness. Sadly Miss Abigail is being a terror . If you can see in the picture she is not liking me watching the news she is all over the house this morning as well.maybe she doesn’t like news( hahaha) this is becoming a very bad habit of hers… I see that both kids made it home , when who knows but them still in bed at 11 gives me a good idea.🙄 thankfully the sun is shining and it’s windy I’m hoping the temps stay cooler , one could only hope. My coffee is finished and news is not pretty I guess Miss Abigail was trying to tell me something . Time to get my errands done for the day . Have a good day everyone.

Mother Nature …why

Since Sunday it’s been a crazy ride with Mother Nature… to begin it’s endlessly humid , then one moment the sun is shining and the humidity doesn’t matter it’s bright and beautiful .. then you turn your back for one second and it’s down pouring , so you go in , I then think okay now to find something inside to do well once again the sun is out . Ok Mother Nature why? It’s been no fun , this is predicted for the whole week, nothing like cabin fever in the summer. 🙄 on Monday it was spent with back and forth being in the car , my daughter needed rides to the garage then back to it after her brakes were fixed then I had errands to run . Let’s say my curls went to frizz every time I ran out in the rain. I will be happy when Mother Nature decides to make up her mind.

My last post I wrote was about getting ready for my Sons Birthday get together with his friends . Let’s say 12 newly graduated kids showed up his “friend group” as he calls it. They ate pizza , burgers , chips made endless s’mores and roasted marshmallows over the bonfire ,they played corn hole , at one point as my other half and I sat inside watching a movie we could hear the endless chatter , laughing , then it got quiet so my other half and I looked at one another and decided to look out …. there they sat all around the fire, talking quietly serious faces on some and some looking around at one another. I think this bunch was realizing how life had turned a new corner .. new chapter whatever you want to call it but it was now going to be different them all on new a paths not all following one another into another school year as they where so used to for so many years. Around 11 the gathering came to an end one by one kids left and 4 stayed over, after cleaning up what was left of food outside they came in and settled in his room paying Xbox , my other and I picked up a bit more then we shut everything off and went to bed …as I laid there in the the darken room I absorbed the laughter and the chatting sound echoing through the walls a bites well as the sound of friendly wrestling . I smiled but felt in my heart how I will miss these moments.

Sizzling morning…again

Good Morning ! As you see it’s coffee inside this morning again…I honestly think you could fry an egg on my deck right now with the sun that is beating down on it. It’s been in the 100″s here since the weekend, it was not too bad at first to take but now it’s just plain miserable. I’m hoping it cools a bit tonight since tomorrow is Independence Day my hubby is off so he can stay up later we can sit on the deck . Over the weekend it was so peaceful the kids were in and out all weekend so my hubby and I went out for dinner then took a ride . After came home lit the tiki lamps and sat out on the deck with some drinks the sky was so clear and so the stars were out my husband was the lucky one to see a shooting star. We sat out for hours . A coupe a times as we where sitting there we spotted something in our yard , luckily our deck sits up pretty high .. we believe a coyote or a very big. Raccoon .. too big for a Fox since we have one that visits every night and it’s much smaller. So possibly one of the boys (coyotes) happy Miss Abigail is an indoor cat so she was safe sitting in the window watching us. For now it’s coffee inside and catching up on the news while the washing machine hums away … ugh laundry. The house isn’t to bad shades are pulled down , so it’s comfortable have ac in bedrooms and with being a ranch style Home the air circulates pretty well but needed to shut them off to give them a break for a bit. So using this time to clean up a bit around the house , it’s not too bad today no ones been home much to mess it up 🙂 well going to finish my coffee and get a bit more things done while the house is comfortable.