Hello everyone hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday after noon. today the temps have dipped down to 38 from 60’s on Saturday that’s¬† when my daughter I spent the day taking a ride getting Starbucks a cold one and having silly conversations oh yes silly.. people would not understand ūüôā So the Starbucks drink we enjoyed¬† was a salted caramel brule¬† latte really good especially if your a caramel lover. Today I am enjoying a dark chocolate hot chocolate as my Husband and I wait for the football game to come on the TV and¬† enjoy a quiet day except for the sound of the wind blowing which bothers my pups so much it makes him shake and pace around¬† ,thank goodness he is finally settled down and is sleeping … as well as my husband and Son ..tired guys.

My Son made it to States in X Country for his team with one other teammate on the boys side¬† the whole girls team made it . So they where thrilled my son didn’t make it past States to go to Nationals but he was okay with that because its his first State in X Country so he gave it his all and now is tired and ready for a break . I am a proud Mom … no matter if he wins or looses he always gives it his all so now he has a¬† week off¬† then indoor track starts were he does hurdles. I am already tired for him just thinking about it. It was¬† a busy weekend so today is a lazy refuel Sunday¬† well my family is needing me a mothers job never ends¬† Okay everyone enjoy your Sunday as I will.