Usually Sundays are the calm quiet part of the weekend . This Sunday it isn’t , food shopping was so needed to be done ..oh don’t get me wrong ordering a pizza was so good last night especially a Taco pizza but it’s time to make some meals again. As we drove out of the parking lot I texted my daughter asking her if she wanted a coffee since hubby and I were grabbing one. The sad thing is I sent it to my son instead …😂he answered of course I do can you drive it to me ?🙄 I was like ohh I’m sorry wrong Child lol.. he said ,, it’s okay I got out yesterday had a Starbucks all good. I did send him a coffee. A GIF he like that. Thankfully food shopping went smoothly and quickly since my hubby isn’t feeling that great. But he wanted to go. Now the food is put away . Watching the Daytona 500 on tv . Use to be into it big time but not as much now. But it’s on so will give it a try. It’s a great reminder tho that Spring is on its way. The sun is out nice and bright even tho snow is coming in tonight about 3inches at least but the weather advisory’s going across the bottom of the tv screen makes me wonder if it’s going to be more especially when their stating there could be power outages …hubby is off , it’s a holiday on Monday. And my daughter so it can do whatever it wants.. So another lazy late night again . Tonight supper will be chicken pot pies with gravy on it and some cranberry sauce on the side . Nice and simple and comforting. Well time to do a few things around here and then I think I will try reading or coloring . Have a great Sunday everyone.


Sunday night already…

It’s Sunday night already .. even though it’s been a long week I can’t believe it’s Sunday and I still feel down.. doesn’t help that not being active and feeling uncomfortable I’m not sleeping well . I think I may have kicked this faster if I had some decent sleep . Laying in bed at midnight night wide awake and not feeling bad at all then finally falling asleep after 1 or more waking up the next morning exhausted . And then a long day down again .. vicious cycle. I’ve watched so much tv but the best was today . I cozied up with a blanket and a cup of tea in my chair and enjoyed an oldie but goodie the movie An Officer and a gentleman. Oh the tears I cried at the end I’m such sappy thing 😂 I love a good romantic movie as much as a romance book. My daughter actually enjoyed it as well hubby watched off and on but took moments of laying in bed, fearing that he is coming down with our sickness ..feeling feverish so that’s not good. I texted with my son off and on more today . He is ready to be done with the Ait part of Basic Training about 3 weeks left aand he will be flying home. So we chatted about jobs when he gets home along with his National Guard Reserves job . And anxiously waiting to hear back from the colleges he as applied too , will see. Now watching the Red Carpet for The Grammys. See how long I last . I like some of the music. And performers but after awhile it gets a bit much. It’s getting started so I guess I will chat a little with my son before he has to be off his phone for the night and enjoy the Grammys with my daughter.and maybe the hubby’s unless he goes to bed early so he can work tomorrow . He is the lucky one he can sleep anytime and anywhere . Wish I had that problem🙂

Super Bowl !

Today is Super Bowl Sunday!watching the pre shows hubby is enjoying a beer and nacho’s while the Chili is simmering in the crockpot the house smells delicious the sun is shining nice and bright into the house love when I can open the front door it just makes the realization that Spring is coming🙂, made a cake now just need to make my buttercream frosting , always taste good after eating chili , I have wings but thinking we are good. Unless my daughter wants them when she arrives home from work. I’ve spent some time out on my deck snapping pics for my son and sending them to him he loves seeing pics of home. After I just leaned on the rail closed my eyes and let the sun shine on my face ahh the feeling was amazing. I really can’t say how long I stood there . It was nice to be outside. The breeze picked up sending a bit of a chill my way I decided it was time to head inside . My hubby and I are now laughing at some of the commercials already . And the interviews of the football players. Rams and the Patriots two great teams. This will be fun! The other part I look forward to is the Puppy Bowl. Defiantly need to watch them. It’s nice the pups that play are all up for adoption so it’s gets them some coverage . To find a forever home. I think it’s time to make my frosting soon the chili will be ready . Good my stomach is growling .🙂

Snow and more snow…

The snow came … we started to have our doubts .. then woke to this . A foot of this lovely white stuff. 🙄 it’s cold , temps are reading 16 I’m warm tho cozy in my chair with a blanket and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee . .. now that I’m done with taking pictures to share. I sent them to Missouri to my son, Ireland to a friend of my son ,she is there for College lucky girl, she has family there so that’s a plus for her. And now I’m going to share the pics with all of you . The photos do not do it justice. .the first photo was afternoon

A productive day, my way..

Today I slept in and then just stayed under the covers a bit longer since the temps on my phone were reading 19.. so I browse through my Twitter then WordPress and FB then my horoscope .. after did a a crossword puzzle on a crossword game. Then decided it was time to drag myself to a shower and then find myself to a nice cup of a hot cup of coffee. My other half commented well this is a morning of leisure .. this is the guy who gets up as soon as his eyes open and has many cups of coffee before my first. I just smiled …After we chatted as my daughter came up from her place and enjoyed coffee with us. The rest of the day has been chatting with my daughter while she did some laundry before work and I making a cake for dessert later . And then some decluttering a bit throughout the house which didn’t consist of much just here and there of throwing some things away . For Christmas my daughter bought me some black nail polish so settling I decided to do my nails while watching the football game with my other half . My nails didn’t come out too bad .. black is a bit harder to do because it shows every in perfection . I guess not bad for the first time though. Now I’m finding that it’s going on 4:00 in the afternoon ..and wondering where did this day go?I guess I kept busy or Sundays just fly bye to get to Monday… that’s okay I’m looking forward to Tuesday to come , my son will hopefully be getting his phone back so will be able to at least chat off and on. I’m still going to send letters until he says stop (hahaha) because it’s just what I want to do. ☺️I guess it’s time to think about what to do for supper.


It’s Daylight savings time and always changing the clocks back never sets well with me at first. You would think getting an extra hour sleep is nice but I think my body feels like I’m over sleeping if that make since and can anyone agree? Happy it’s a sunny day , cold but how it should be this time a year. Keeping myself busy …. okay trying. I’m hoping my son will get to make his 1st call home since starting Basic Training . I hope we counted right. So need to let him know a few things that I think will make him happy . According to his last letter he is happier has a good bunch of friends he can laugh with so of course it will be happy things we tell him. As I stated keeping busy so I decided to make some homemade chicken and rice soup for supper . It’s making the house warm and smells so good. Hubby’s working on his barn .Its just Miss Abigail and I inside as my daughter is at work . Last night as my mind was thinking and my hubby was watching college football as the wind was thrashing around outside banging against the house it had Miss Abigail running around the house looking for a place to hide. My hubby cringing with the thought of the power going out. I focused my mind on adult coloring and started another page . Didn’t get too far but a good start. Well time to finish making my soup . Cross your fingers for me that my son can call. Please..