Memorial Day mornin!

Good morning the sun is shining a crow in the distance making it’s presence known. The sound of the fountain bubbling . As I sit with my coffee our Flag flows in the gentle breeze how beautiful the site it is. So I take it in and reflect on it’s meaning and sip my coffee and enjoy the tranquility .


It was a an easy going Friday. Woke to a sound at first thinking it was a Army plane flying low over the house but then as I woke up more I realized we were witnessing our first thunderstorm ..reminding us that Spring was on its way. My daughter and I went out for a coffee run during the afternoon ,it was a nice ride and a good day for a frozen caramel coffee ,with the temps reaching the the 60’s it felt so good. We took our time driving home enjoying the windows open and listening to one of my daughters favorite songs .. I’ll admit I loved it as well . my son decided to stay back at home and tackle his room ,reorganizing and going through his Army bags . Finding a place in his closet . He had woke early wanting to get to the gym earlier so he could come home and take a run as well . It was takeout night so no cooking for me. Now my guys and I are in the living room watching a movie .. it’s a Army movie of course so you see what I’m doing. (Hahaha) at least my son is relaxing. My daughter is with her boyfriend . It’s still warm enough with the windows open a bit and I spotted the fox in our yard tonight but couldn’t get a good picture with him blending into the scenery. The sunset was gorgeous tonight . I was happy I was able to capture it. I hope everyone had a good day ! Well I guess I will enjoy the movie with my guys🙂

Onward to the end of the week ..

It’s amazing it’s Thursday ..this week is flying by . Last night my daughter arrived home as it was just getting bad. We settled in and enjoyed the meatloaf I made with some Broccoli and Alfredo noodles, after my daughter settled covered up on the couch as I covered up in the chair watching random shows .. my daughter had the clicker lol. Hubby settled in bed watching tv . The night was an early one my daughter staying she didn’t feel that great and decided to settle down in her place in her bed. As I went to settle I notice my hubby had fallen asleep so I settled under the covers said a quick goodnight to my son who wasn’t talking much he did come on to say goodnight . And then I said goodnight to my daughter after she responding I snuggled under the covers and fell asleep to some more new snow and the sun shining upon it . Today will be another quiet day I’ll do some laundry think of what to do for supper . Tonight I think I’ll settle and read my book . And tomorrow I’ll get out and do my banking . Snow coming in for the weekend again so I may just get some groceries in town so we don’t have to go out in it. I guess it’s time to do some things around here. Have a great day everyone.


Today was a quiet day hubby at work . My daughter home but with her boyfriend down in her place as she came up off and on doing laundry . Miss Abigail enjoyed the sun in her chair while the winds had calmed. Cold but the sun was nice and bright. That was nice to see. Thankfully the power stayed on throughout the night . Sadly for some their power was out. I believe for the most part power is back on . Tomorrow more snow coming our way . Grr… I think we are all ready for Spring . … even though my son does want some when he gets home so he can go snowboarding. I believe will have some .

My son has been quiet the last few nights even tho he can be on his phone at 5 in the evening. I’m sure he is .. chatting with friends , listening to music , on all is social media sites. Soon he will be home and he will be able to see him’s fine if he’s quiet are way. I’ve been reading my daughters book she let me borrow. at night and my hubby watching the news .. so it’s fine . The temps have dropped so the house is making cracking noises .. it could be bit of a noisy night. 🙂I quest I’ll settle in bed and read my book . Goodnight everyone.

Track Meet Afternoon…

  • After a somewhat sleepless night suffering from a bad headache .. I woke to the sound of Miss Abigail scratching at the bed . I guess it was time to drag myself into the shower and then to the kitchen for my coffee and seeing my son just as tired as I was sitting at the table eating breakfast. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be up for talking I went to catch the news . A little while later he appeared in the living room to say by and see me later at his meet. The start of the meet started off sunny and warm then by the end of it it was so cold and cloudy ,this is how it’s been since the Meets began this season… they did well they won , my son did well for being tired . My hubby and I arrived home around 7 tonight so a long meet 3:3o to 6:30 so I made a quick simple supper and we ate in the living room to catch the nightly news my son arrived home after the bus brought their team back to the school …tired sore and hungry he made his special diet and showered then headed to bed my hubby and I watched our favorite Tuesday night show and try to warm up … unbelievable trying to warm up at the end of April. Our windows are open a bit for fresh air ..the peepers are out but not as loud tonight. So a quiet night out there. The clouds are coming in making it even darker tonight as well Rain in tomorrow’s forecast for tomorrow amazed that it will be Wednesday already , this week is going by fast. Well my eyes are getting heavy and time for my nightly prayers and then sleep .Good night everyone .


It’s Wednesday night , half way through the week. settled in bed watching my shows with my hubby the window is a bit open the day was beautiful sunny and warm it’s made for a warm night just right in temperature ,earlier I found Miss Abigail in my sons bedroom window because he has his wide open I could see why she was enjoying it so much even though it was dark you could still hear a bird the night traffic and the feel of the fresh air blow gently through. It was such a peaceful feeling bring back the care free days of summer . The moon is getting full the light from the moon has cast a shadow over our yard I’m sure Miss Abigail could see all across it . Looking for critters. Spring 🙂

It had been a calm easy non drama no attitude no yelling no almost burning down the house okay you need to read my last posts for that …quiet easy going kind of day. ahhh really nice for a change. The last couple of weeks ..days have been chaotic can’t say what tomorrow will bring but at least today I had a break .. refueled so that was good. Now crossing my fingers we get through the rest of the week this calm.


This morning my son did the biking stage of the 2018 Pentathlon in our Community . Happy it was sunny but it was cold and the wind did not help . My hubby and I watched in ahh as we watched the participants amazing… all so good and I have to hand it to them a lot of energy was used up from them. We are so proud of our son he did so well his team came in 4th over all but 1st place in their age group. He’s sore but still on the go . The pics where taking after he finished tired and sore… it will be a calm night, he went to a friends to hang at there house his friend had an ACll put in on Tuesday and shockingly was at the race on crutches and a full leg brace to sit and direct runners which way to go but that was enough to tire him out and his leg was hurting and needed to be up , he was a good support team along with another friend for my son, so my son felt he owed him to go sit with him at his house this evening. They’ll go over the day in full detail I’m sure 🙂 after my hubby and I grabbed a late lunch out and now Where home getting warm. . It’s been such a great day .