Mother Nature…

The wind roared like a temper tantrum last night . It’s calmed down now but the wind has been replaced with cold temps and rain and snow coming in tomorrow then back to 60’s for the weekend . Mother Nature is being temperamental . And my body is feeling it. Going back and forth with the temps is not good. At least there was a beautiful sunset tonight . I hope you enjoy it. Happy I captured it. Haven’t been capturing them in time.

Sunsets … peaceful

It’s after midnight on a Thursday night well now Friday .. just finish reading …well could of read a bit more but I’m thinking time to get some sleep. I just wanted to post the photo I had taken with the sun setting over the mountain from our deck . It was absolutely beautiful and up lifting. I hope all of you enjoy it.

All Settled..

imageIt was a nice Easter / Birthday with family well for the most part sadly …there’s always one family member that is hard to deal with and you want to put them in their place but you know that you will just help them be who they are so keeping silent towards them shuts them down … Oh so wrong it is …why ? But any how made it through and the day ended with my hubby having a nice Birthday and all of us with  full satisfied stomachs 🙂 and that lazy tired feeling ready to go home and  get  in comfy clothes and get cozy the cold temps that are back for the moment helped. My son left half an hour before us so when we arrive home we found him already in comfy clothes sleeping on his bed the house had a chill to it so I covered him up . I know he’s not a little boy but it’s just who I am can’t see someone sleeping without a blanket on them so I cover them up ,I think he was okay with it he moved a bit and cozed into the blanket a bit more still sleeping. Just my thing…. My hubby and I tidied up the house a bit after leaving in a rush this morning  then we changed into comfy clothes reheated some  of the food up my mother in-law packed us to bring home  settling in front of the TV My daughter hubby and I and of course Miss Abigail too. A pleasant sunset to end the day as we ate , Now we re all settled in our beds hubby and I are finishing the musical Jesus  Christ Superstar on tv.  It’s good never seen it before . Very interesting. .almost over so going to finish watching and then get some sleep. Good Night everyone🙂


Photo Monday ….

I’m late for posting my photo , it’s been a day of cleaning up after a long weekend of July Birthday celebrations for my son and I . Beautiful cakes and a beautiful sunset as well can’t beat that I wish I had taken a photo of the cake my daughter had gave me it had pink roses on it and was so yummy. We had a bonfire in our pit that went for two days and lots of chatting and laughter . Oh and the the adults and kids played cornhole ever heard of it ?a lot of fun and challenging. So I hope you enjoy our cakes my daughters Birthday is next . August and yes she will have a cake too …have to make  her Birthday wish blowing out the candles.