it’s a bit before noon just finishing a cup of coffee on the deck listening to the sound of our fountain peaceful…. slowly getting a move on to a task that I really do not need to do but want to , my son left early this morning for his first weekend of summer training for the Army National Guards he will be back some time after The Weekend is over. My daughter is heading to work so it’s just the hubby and I he’s doing yard as usual loves it and hasn’t had time lately since the weekends have been so busy or it’s been raining. The task I need to do his tackle the back spare room that is come to be a laundry/junk room. I started it but now my son has dumped all his school things in there books notebooks folders sport bags track shoes things he doesn’t need anymore … ughh why I tell everyone just throw things out. Ok so they do they throw but into the junk room … well I guess enough coffee and stalling looks like it will be a good night to sit out under the stars looking forward to that later🙂

Ahhh Sunshine..

it’s been a quiet but productive start to the day had to run back out and grab more eggs as I see the empty carton on the counter …my son letting me know we where out. This boy of mine can eat …being a runner he burns a lot of calories and he can eat, all good things he is on his strict diet . He usually has a cheat day after a meet which was on Tues but Saturday his track team have a big meet so he is staying on track . I didn’t mind running out the sun is out and it’s just the right temps so it was a nice drive into town. Now back home and finishing up the laundry and prepping supper to cook in the crockpot will be next…so yes the house is quiet Miss Abigail sleeping away on the couch . I think she is happy someone’s home now, when I walked into the house there she sat in the middle of the kitchen floor which is becoming her new thing when people leave .

The blue bird is back peeking into my living room window and tapping on the screen this has been going on for about two weeks now off and on . Can’t figure it out . I know it makes Miss Abigail a bit unsettled . I really just do not know why . I’m afraid if we open my living room door it will come flying in and I’m just going to say I will be the one then outside (hahaha) I am not getting stuck in a house with a bird . Well the washer just stopped so time to finish that and start supper . Hoping for a beautiful sunset later to capture , it’s been a bit since I posted one . Love them so much.🙂

Lazy Sunday..

Yawn….lazy Sunday even though going to bed earlier ,I still did not want to wake up just laid there as the sun slipped through the sides of the window shade , finally dragging my self to the shower and then to the coffee I inhaled the beautiful aroma of coffee hoping it would be an added bonus to waking me up 🙂My son was up early banging around in the kitchen making breakfast getting back on his schedule for the start of school this week . After a quiet vacation .Today he’s having his rest day from the gym and finishing homework . No more vacation breaks until the end of May and then on to Graduating. So now it’s exams ,finish last track season .. he has been excepted to some really nice colleges sadly he missed the ROTC sign ups so he will try in a yr . The colleges are are so expensive and he doesn’t want the debt so he has decided to go local to college to a two yr college and hoping to join the National Guards . Then I believe he’s hoping to transfer then ROTC Army and college education is his goal. He has the mindset, physical ability to do this . As much as I will miss him I respect him so much to want to serve . I’m very proud of him. So yes as my lazy butt sits here sipping my coffee this is what I’m thinking about. 🙄 well this coffee is almost gone and I’ve sat here long enough time to get motivated . 🙂

Saturday Evening..

it’s unbelievable how it’s the weekend already , one more day and spring vacation Is over. My son did what I thought, if you read my recent posts … all vacation he was home every night and then after his Friday track meet he went out with friends and midnight came and I was like oh good he’s home before driving curfew ..then in walked my daughter hmm okay my oldest home before my youngest.. of course happy she was home safe but now where was my son, So I texted him please check in he replied back we are all together at a friends house I will be home . Okay well hmm when I thought . My daughter came up from her place and asked where is he did he check in ? told her yes . So we went in to the living room now both wide awake . As my hubby was sleeping away .. 12:40 hit and no son so I texted are you really at a friends ? He sends back a photo of them all sitting at his friends house that looked familiar and they where sitting around a board game so I told him just stay over it’s late .

My daughter and I stayed chatting in the dark yawning in between sentences 🙂 but not wanting to stop because we where enjoying the moment to chat , it’s been awhile since we stayed up at all hours of the night chatting ..summer is coming this is when we seem to stay up and have these chats . The best moments. It hit a little after 2 and we both agreed it was time to get some sleep.

7:00 in the morning came quick the room was bright from the sun shinning in …tried to go back to sleep for a bit but my hubby and I gave up so we got up made some coffee and breakfast , showered and was out the door at 10 for food shopping . My son came home early morning and already was ready to leave for a run when we walked in the door . After he came back my son and I went and cleaned the car and took a ride and chatted it was all his idea so that was another moment that I have missed . I must say it was a nice. Simple weekend with moments that where as simple but lasting cherish moments . Having some time with both of my kids that are so hard to get now that their older I must say is priceless .

It’s gone 🙂

It’s gone all the snow from this morning ..if you read my last post you would see how we woke to the ground covered I n snow. The sun came out and it melted away as fast as it came and then we had a beautiful sunset that sadly I didn’t catch in time. This weather is crazy . Now instead of worrying about if my sons meet will be cancelled because of snow now it’s thunderstorms and a lot of rain that could cancel it. . I guess we will see. Oh Mother Nature. Spring is coming eventually 🙂

Good Morning!

Good Morning siting enjoying my cup of coffee and the sound of the birds outside my living room window the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful morning… sadly my heart is heavy, our little town as witness  so much grieve in this past year is just so unbelievable and we all ask why? but there are just no answers. life can be so harsh its  just unfair a young family in our town as suffered a horrible loss their daughter of the age of 9yrs old was killed while getting off her school bus this past Friday …do not have all the details but something on her got caught in the bus door and the bus driver did not realize she was caught and drove off her poor dad I believe witnessed it and tried to stop the bus but that did not happen…..the rest is too much to explain. I cant imagine . Why I ask once again …Being a parent Is I believe one of the hardest thing to be and it doesn’t get any easy easier as they get older there are new worries and you just want to keep them in a bubble sadly that is not possible . We need to remember  that life is a gift and we cannot take anything for granted and do are best to make each day count so pleases everyone count your blessings everyday.