The weekend ..

It’s a mild rainy day with a bit of a chill in the air. Perfect day for a cup of tea , reading , writing, I’m going to start my journal today . I know I keep saying it . But! Today is the day , just making my homemade chicken and rice soup for supper … I’m not stalling๐Ÿ™‚ just a perfect day for soup (Hahah) and I’m thinking how to start it while I’m blogging as well . Will see maybe once I get going I’ll learn a balance between the two. It’s always hard starting something new. I think today tho is perfect for it. The question is .. should I write in it at night or morning ? That just keeps rolling around in my head .. yes always over thinking. Well my soup is cooking and the house smells delicious . My daughter is working till 8 then she will be with her boyfriend it’s his weekend off so I do not see her much on those days. It’s just my hubby and I and Miss Abigail . And both are napping. My hubby hates rainy days so not being able to be outside he naps . Which is fine with me then I have sometime to myself . My son called has his phone on weekends so we talked for a bit he’s doing well , sounds a bit tired , not sleeping to well but I’m sure he will settle in soon . It was a quick chat was off for a haircut and then going to relax since they have some free time. I told him to go to it no worries if I see him online I won’t bother him .. well not all the time. He doesn’t need to be chatting with his mom all day ๐Ÿ˜‚ he chuckled at that and said not a problem …oh how humble he is becoming. Well time to check on my soup .


Easy day…

Its rained all day and it’s been a cool one couldn’t get enough hot cups of coffee or tea in my hands to warm them up . Happy I was out the day before getting everything done that needed to be . Then I could just worry about things around the house. An easy day ,laundry was all set ,house was not bad and supper was breakfast for supper …hot and delicious comport food ! So that being send after catching up on a tv show I recorded I started going through my books deciding on what to keep and what to send to the local church tag sale. There is only so much space to keep my favorites.. before looking like a book hoarder ( hahaha) I really need to renew my library card . I have books at the moment but do have a list of books I want so I will then get them at the library it’s cheaper too. Plus you can rent movies there as well. My hubby and I can enjoy some movies on the weekends cold winter nights . When football isn’t playing ..

I will say I love the DVR that works so great ! Used it finally today so yes the show I caught up on today was the first time I used this feature since we updated our tv dish . Love it . My daughter has just texted me to say she is on her way home soon from work so I could make some pancakes for her with the home fries I made earlier and saved for her and my son. I think my son will be all set he’s out with friends and they always grab food out and one never knows when he will be home . In a week I will know where he is every night . Even though he will be away in another State I will know he will be in one place every night ..bed sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚ that part is comforting , right now it feels like he’s just wondering …during the day he’s working out staying in shape at night he’s out well not every night but it’s a guessing game and it’s hard to get sleep when my mind starts to wonder where he is . I know I’m such a mom(hahaha) after I make my daughters food I will settle in with the hubby’s and watch the new tv show FBI , it’s really interesting. Well she will be home soon so I guess it’s time to get off here for the night.

All is quiet …

it’s a Thursday night almost to the weekend . Ahh one that is whatever we feel like doing ..grabbing a coffee taking a ride maybe go to our favorite Pub or no plans at all a movie at home . .. nice . Well the wind blew like it was having a tantrum last night if your read my last post . It was horrible but luckily we didn’t loose power or trees. Woke to the sun shining but very cold , Mother Nature is not ready to release Spring yet. The day was once again quiet no arguing no in and out of the door , everyone came home from work and School and settled in for the evening . All went smoothly .. now it’s night and the winds have calmed hubby and are watching he finale of our show .my son just made a cup of tea and went to his room . He’s been having a heard time sleeping so he has been drinking tea to help him sleep . I think we could all use some tea. Hoping when we get through prom , graduation and settle with college things will relax a bit. For now just getting through day by day. I really need to color and read . Well I’m actually yawning earlier for once so I guess I will get some sleep . Goodnight everyone.

Sad…sick ughh…

So every virus that is going around that past month has seemed like its living at our house .why?? I have done so well of not getting it but I knew it was only a matter of time . My daughter on medication and having to work .. my son back to school as of today but now in bed at 7:30 exhausted .My husband laying in bed watching TV feeling tired and then I the body aches hot and cold and tired but sadly cannot rest my mind to settle … I am not an easy person when I am sick , I want to keep doing and when I can’t I am not happy. it’s funny though because as I sit hear or lay here on my couch with the laptop I feel my eyes getting heavy and I feel like I could fall asleep..which I tried before I got on here ughhh …..going to be a n endless night. I love how my son when he is sick can just sleep all day ..oh my to be able to do that. my daughter though is like me cant sleep. Its sad because its April and this should be done with we did so well over the winter . I just want to cry.. So if you see me on in the middle of the night rambling on you will know why . Okay time for some tea and see if that works wish me luck.


Today was a day at home doing laundry ..dusting the usual but then had a moment for a nice cup of tea and coloring..yes coloring the new fad adult coloring books for relaxing. I was hesitant at first thought  what I use to do that  when I was a child and then with my kids ,but then as I thought about it more why not I loved coloring and the coloring book pages are amazing and there are so many to choose from so I bought one called Secret Garden and some coloring pencils and began . I am now addicted I colored for an hour not realizing it ,it was so relaxing and enjoyable I am so happy I gave it a chance. My daughter now colors too and is loving it. we both have two books if you haven’t tried it recommend it , I am not saying it’s for everyone but at least try and find out . love your feedback if you color or are thinking about it.