The whys….

Its been a long week and it’s only Monday… going to be a long week until Friday . It’s Feb vacation for school and it’s the vacation I never could understand .. The weather is rainy or snowy but then melts and sadly it’s a week of no money the week before when you get paid every other week …. My son is going out of his mind it’s the evening he came straight home after practice ate and planted himself on his bed in the dark . Im helping him  to a point for necessities but it’s a no pay week for us as well and when your on a budget you do what you have to he found out his car that we thought was in great condition has some issues so tomorrow it goes to the garage to see how bad even though I’m a bit nervous I told him will deal with it you can use mine ,so not a good time  I know there is worst things in life then no money …car issues again  but  sadly there  are times like this ,been here before its just sad it comes at a time that is not conveniant but when is it?  This generation cannot deal with it . . Back in my day yes things where cheaper , cars fell apart we delt with it we had to get creative to occupy our time with our friends sitting at a friends( even if they picked us up )house watching movies back in my day it was music videos on mtv  and snacks and a bunch of laughs when we had no money . This day in age it’s go out to eat go to the movies eat out oh did I just say that hahahaha yes I know I did but this is all they know what to do….so frustrating  let’s see my son is home in his room laying there on his bed with phone in hand looking like he lost his best friend.. I ask him where are his friend home ok and this friend home hmm so their all sitting at home because no Money  so I to say to him cheer up soon you will get paid  we all have days months like this I told him sadly look at the alternative as my gaze goes to the nightly news talking about the school shooting and so heartbreaking families burying thier  love ones such an unfair tragedy . My son looks at the tv and says I know I understand believe  me. I know he does know life is more about money but sadly our minds are programmed that money makes us happy ….ok yes it does  it makes things easier to a point but it’s also a nuisance when we don’t have any it sets our mood …just so wrong we know life is much more then that.

I go into his room and  suggest ask a friend to spend the night he says to me I’m okay I’ll be fine now this is different usually he would bark at me  but he says it  nicly I say do you have a book you need to read for school read it take your mind off things he smirks at me I should know who I’m talking too that would be what my daughter would do not him haha and then I see his phone light up he smiles , laughs and I pat him on his arm and walk out of the room he looks at me say what was that for . I just smile back and say I’m happy I see a smile on your face.even though it was technology  helping him connect to a friend . Now if we can just focus on the positive now I’m smirking ME positive hmm not a trait I do well, sadly when  Life and it’s moments have made me this way  it’s not always what we asked for and I have learned this along time ago and more in the past year and it’s just really hard and I’m not talking about money is hard it’s just trying to find the way through it  .. To the beautiful part of it as well..and there is a lot of beautiful moments it’s just with everything that has happened and the world filled with so much more of worrysome things that just prooves to us shows us  not to take anyone or anything for granted .  Be grateful and take life one day at a time is how I get through it❤️


Just about ready for Christmas just need to stop thinking if it was enough .. yes I know I have posted how it’s not about things but I’m a mom and I can’t help not to think about it even though I know they have enough anyways . I have to laugh the other evening I had said to my son I know your in between jobs and really have not much money , he looked at me like oh no so I went on , you know that old I pad that you have sitting in your room for about a yr unused? if your going to not use it you could give that to me . He. Says ” what that you would take that as a gift it’s old . …ok all of you must be thinking the same thing hahaha it is but for me it’s just enough and bigger to write on my blog with and less heavier then the laptop. So he looked at me and said okay in a drawn out way . Let me clean my things off of it as he did and then he says “so he said he would need my password to my iPhone acct okay then the problem began …… I am not good at remembering them so I went looked for my password book oh did I mention I’m not very organized aw well 😥 so I look at it and gave it to him he say ok well no it’s not that. Then around and around we went with every password I could think of I changed it and didn’t write it down again. He “says wow actually this is nice I miss this ” I m like oh no you don’t or fine then I guess you can buy me something well he was like”no I can figure something out hahaha so all said and done he did figure it out and I wrote the new password down . It’s not bad a bit slow but not that bad and it still takes excellent pictures . I told him I was simple he said yes you are but not in the password department 🙂oh how true he is but what was so funny was the look he gives me when I do stupid things he just does the roll of the eyes and the same grump face since he was two , I love it!❤️ something never change.

Good Morning

Good Morning woke up to sunny and 80 degrees  and muggy. No happy medium  just two days ago we had the heat on and now we should  have air conditioning on but not ready to run that yet so it will be Windows close and shades half down untill the sun moves away from our house …so crazy. If you read my last post well I think I am going stop  obsessing over everything being the way it use to be and follow my family’s way  and if they do not like it or wonder what’s going on hmm well then I guess they will have to step up. I think I need to be able to have my own way as well..this is so hard for me because  then i always feel guilty  or selfish so I have to push through these feelings and do this so we can ALL be happy. .. will see .

Hmm…. Eye Opener

It;s been a long week and its only Tues, so hate that feeling ..  My Son gad a track meet against their rivalry team and someone had to loose unfortunately it was my Son’s team. The team took it really hard , I feel so bad for them. I want to say to him it’s only a game but to them it’s so much more. it’s their life who they are okay they think it is ..I think that there is to much pressures of  all kinds. on kids now  and I not saying we put to much pressure as parents  I am talking about other kids society  sports them trying to prove themselves  to others , wanting to be in as I quote . If you read my last post I had wrote about the controversy over the new show based on the book 13 Reasons Why on Netflix about teenage suicide. Its such an eye opener I am on episode 9 and I am amazed how I can relate some of the things that I have seen in my kids school its so unreal.  Yes I know we where all teenagers once we had good days bad days we had breakups bad friends all that but in this new world of technology I think its out of control  what kids can do with it and  sadly really push someone to the point of suicide  Just by one press of a button on their cell phones,,.we know bullying is out of hand , kids do not care there mind are so wrapped up in material things okay sorry not all but a good amount of kids and this show/book I believe scares people because this is a real fear and people are afraid to see this .I do agree if your child has depression  they should not watch this or watch with an adult because it does not in my eye glamorize suicide maybe in a teenagers so watch talk about it . I know one thing keep the communication open with your kids no matter if they push away just keep it open.


Technology some days I love  it some days I hate it.  The one thing I hate is when my husband and son do not answer my texts…my husband about an hour later my son 3hours maybe 4 …yes the panic kicks in but then when I see he has been on because we know some apps you can see it then the anger kicks in. I know it’s the way of the world and I love my phone but I am really good at answering back quickly . or at least before an hour passes. oh my gosh when my son doesn’t answere me back when he received his first phone the things that went through my mind…. not good. and then when my daughter was in school and I was taking her Ipod away because homework was taking  half the night to finish and she swore in matter of speaking lol that she was using it as a dictionary …but then I caught her texting I was like okay now hand it over, guess what homework was not an all night thing after that..hmm and now my son is doing the same think but on his desk top he has like 5 tabs open  you know fb twitter etc but then I walk in and he switches back to the paper he is writing…ahhhh so crazy . Then this is when I like it when I can write on my blog or like today when I could watch my son at his all state track meet 2hrs away and I knew my hip and legs wouldn’t  with stand all the standing..and my son finds  this site I pay for that is so worth it to watch the whole championship live on -line..  so great I wish we had discovered this sooner. for two yrs now my son has been doing indoor track and I have not seen them because of all the time on your feet  …I have seen pictures but not the same. so this was exciting. so yes it as its good and bad  points but this was definitely is a thumbs up for me.What do you think about all this technology?  love some feedback !Screenshot_2016-02-20-16-33-51-1