There’s two things in my kitchen I love the most well 3 one  my kitchen table because that’s where we have the best family chats and laughs . Two  our coffee maker because I’m a coffee lover and three my crockpot love this  item more then words can say…. It’s  one of the best things invented , I use this thing all the time it’s a no fail for  tender potroasts and the tasty soups especially chicken and dumplings . I love how you can just let it cook away and within hours supper is done . How many of you use one ? I know it was a big thing back in the 70’s 80’s not as much now . …..but that’s okay as long as they make them I’m using them . The potroasts is almost done and the house smells delicious.🙂

Mother’s Day

Just a shout out to all the Moms out there , doing a job that is 24 seven and no sick days . I must say being a mom is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs I have ever done …actually I do not want to call it a job. Being a mom is a choice you make and I am happy I made that choice I love every minute of it  do not get me wrong I have wanted to pull my hair out on many occasions and I have had sad days as well but for the most part many and still going special moments, I love being a mom and I hope you do too. so short post but needed to be said. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms.