why do I write ?..thoughts


Why do I write? I believe it’s like a runner who loves to run it’s a need a drive . It’s something that your body craves when it discovers it just like how someones mind craves to write words down on paper that the mind wants to express,. and likes the feeling of freedom it gives them . Runners run to also relieve stress and clears their mind, same as it does for  a writer . Now the question is WHY do I write? well all that I have stated but it’s more then that I have been writing since I was a teenager I can’t count the amount of Journals I have had and then the endless amount of poems I’ve written thoughts that are in my head. When your a teenager my favorite place to take a notebook and pen and write was an old abandon covered bridge, listening to the walls of the old wood creak as the wind would blow through those warn down walls and the beautiful sound of the the stream  was a perfect place. I love the satisfaction of it .After I started a family I got busy with them and writing went to the side a bit. Off and on if I had a moment I would write but not as much as I wanted . I have  chronic hip issues and I cannot run to relieve my stress so writing helps a lot and now with my kids growing up my daughter an adult now and my son a teenager and another yr to graduate High school I have the  time now and do I need this more then ever.

I started this blog about a yr ago and it’s about my life with my family everyday life going on’s the stresses of having kids teenagers   writing about my other interests .To some who read this will probably get board and just pass by it and to some may like it for them thank you. believe me I am not writing this blog for a ton of views yes it would be nice it feels good when I see the likes but my simple little issues are not for everyone and I know that, but at times it does hurt when I do not get a like and I doubt myself and I question everything I wrote…yes my grammar is not up to date. the writing structure needs to be worked on but sadly I just get on here and just write what come out of my thoughts and really do not thing about it. but I do know I love all my followers and appreciate them and me and read my post. I try to as well.  So once again a big THANK YOU!


This is where I enjoy my first morning cup of coffee looking out this window ..and everything always looks the same but it’s not ,life changes in a blink of an eye everything  feels so different. My kids have grown up my life  has come less chaotic and  quieter well some times if my son and his friends are here:) My loving little buddy my pups has gone over the Rainbow bridge no more by my side but   forever in my heart  he will be.. but  I miss him so much .I know it’s only been two weeks but  the heartbreak is still so fresh and that leaves me one less needed and busy. So as I sit here looking out I reflect on this past year, it’s been a sad and crazy one for a lot of people the world is getting a lot less safer the violence is so unbearable the attacks around the world.. to people just less kinder  to nasty tragedies in our little Town  .  I know .. life is constantly changing just the way of life but some of the the changes are not positive no matter how positive we try to be…..  some days does anyone wish it would slow down just a bit so we can catch up and breath and try to find a silver lining some where in all of this chaos? I do . So I sit here with my coffee and enjoy the sunrise shining in and know that I have this to look forward too and wish for better things in this world .20160302_170649-1


Thoughts once again…

Every day is a new day …but I feel like I did yesterday.

I shed quiet tears for I am not ready to let you go. but I must , I keep moving forward

but it’s bittersweet. I find myself laughing then a memory nips  me in the face like a cold windy day.  I haven’t forgotten you don’t you know ….

your in my heart where you will be always.. .  let me smile let me laugh for it’s too  hard to carry this pain.

Our Journey. ..

Our life is our individual journey.Our ups our downs what,we learn what,what we take from it our moments our memories  to keep to  let go.so why does society try to tell us what we should do with our life and why do we listen.I guess  on this journey of life some have not learned the strength to be strong and believe in ourselves  but God willing we have a new day to learn.

My Son

From the first moments I held you my heart melted. My little boy looking up with those beautiful blue eyes staring at me with wonder. As I rocked you to sleep at night you held gently on to my hair with your little hands as you fell into sleep.I never wanted those moments to end but they did,  everyday as you grew and found new wonders your laugh and smile were as big and bright as the moon when you would look up at me while you played …I could never get enough of that laugh and smile.You always seemed to be by my side and I knew that the day would come and you would not need me like this anymore ,  so I held  and locked those memories deep in my heart. Now as you grow into the young man you are  and think you know all the answers  in life…the teenage years upon us . the closeness we once shared seem so far away now,  our moments are different and I know this is how it’s suppose to be and  I love the man your growing into just never let life take away that little boy with the smile and laugh as big as that moon stop shining , never let life let you forget how much I love you and if the path you take gets covered in doubt just  remember there is always a path that will lead you back home.