Spartan Race .. son so proud.

In my last posts I stated that my son 17 years old was participating in The Spartan Race in Vermont on one of their highest mountains , it’s called Killington. My son and thousand run 32 mile which also includes 52 obstacles of sandbags on your back spearing , loading rocks in to pails and carrying them up the mountain climbing up roofs swimming across a pond and only stopping on your way to energize yourself with what you see in the photo .. which is placed at several parts on the routes . The race started at 6:30 Saturday morning and my son was still running and doing the obstacles at 6: 00 that evening my husband saw him twice with in those 12 hrs .  I stayed back and my husband kept me in form through text and phone  conversations  . At 9:00 that night they arrived home and he finished the race he finish in 62 place and a very sore dirty mess … it’s the day after and he is on the counch watching movies taking in a lot of liquids and not moving much every part of his body aches , I am sure everyone who participated feels this way well for the most part some . My son said the ones who train all year for this are probably in better shape today. As he was laying on the couch he was telling me a bit about it stating that it  was so mind blowing because at one moment your doing many obstacles and then there is several ours where your just hiking up the mountain to reach the top to proceed back down the  other side and more obstacles before reaching the finish line if you do he said a lot did not due to exhaustgen  or soreness  but he said in those hours moments your finding things to focus on because your mind is just thinking about anything random thoughts going through your head of what if I get hurt what I need to do this week he said he had to try to clear his mind and focus on one step at a time so mentally it’s challenging as well , he told us towards the end he was so tired he got this adrenaline rush to run to just get it over with and that is what got him to the finish line.We just sat and listened his take on this was amazing .  We are so proud of him . He loves a challenge and this was defiantly one .  May regret it a bit now but when he recovers he will be happy he did it that’s our boy ❤️


Thoughts .. 

Laying in bed just put the Adult coloring book down for the night it was nice taking a break from thinking for a bit. Friday was a beautiful night at the fair followed by a relaxed no rush kind of weekend .  Soon it will be time to think about getting some pumpkins for around the house and  some scarecrows .  Decorate for Fall,  crazy that this time time is already upon us . Now to get my kids involved … need to carve pumpkins with them . My daughter will be on board it will  be my son who will take some pushing to agree.  I will get my way  🙂I will post some pics when the time comes. So  I am happy to say it’s so nice to be reunited with my close friend somewhere along the line we let life stray us away from one another and for a time I was afraid we wouldn’t find our way back to one another … there was nothing we couldn’t telll each other and our kids grew up together especially our two older ones my daughter and her daughter best of friends thankfully they have kept in touch as much as possible being so. busy but have done a better job at that then thier mothers . I’m so happy we have teconnected it’s so comforting and I have missed our talks so much.  back in the day we could talk a whole day on the phone about just nothing hahaha it was nice now it’sa bit more busier but I treasure our moments to chat even if it’s a  text here and there. Life sure can change the direction of things it hopefully we will not let all these changes get in the way off our friendship . Seems like more then ever we need this friendship to get through them.Change  has been such a big part of our world for so long things felt like they stayed the same unless we just didn’t see it … I don’t know how all of a sudden it’s just smacked us in the face and it’s our. new norm . New journey whatever we want to call it maybe just life… yes that’s it . Well me eyes are getting heavy I guess it’s time for some sleep . Goodnight Everyone.

Night Times…

I do not know what it is about night time that I find myself writing …maybe the calmness, or  the quietness through out the house that brings my thoughts together. Or maybe the sound of my husband snoring keeping me awake hahaha , hmm is that  is possible 🙂 I know it’s not the eerie sound of the nightly train that roars by with its sad cry of the whistle blowing through  the nights darkness . Always sends a chill up my spine  even since I was a child, when I was a child we lived next to the train tracks and every night I’d hear the train go by and that whistle blow Something’s just never change as you get older what scares you. I haven’t heard the boys for awhile (coyotes) they been quiet. Sometimes I can hear the owl that’s a sound that can be chilling as well. The evening  are getting darker earlier and the feeling of sitting outside at night are becoming quickly replaced with settling in earlier and reading or watching tv . Soon our favorite shows will be back on and will watch them with football of course too. This summer was a very short one so it seemed . Not one of the best ones ….. so Fall will be nice and a change of pace.which is well needed. Well my eyes are getting heavy so I think I will get some sleep .. night everyone.

Thoughts …

It’s late at night lying  in bed and my thoughts feel all scattered and nothing feels normal ..I think this will be mine and my families feeling for awhile as well. ..everything as changed so fast it’s unbelievable so. I guess the feeling of normalcy is not happening is where it’s at for the time being one think that hasn’t change is the kids are still out and I will wait to fall asleep unless sleep overcomes me …haven’t had much of a good nights sleep ‘this past week. So I will let the humming from the fan get me to sleep .

Thoughts ….

Life is so unpredictable .. first your on top of the the world then the next minute your at the bottom , now you can decide to stay at the bottom or you can choose to climb back up stop letting life …people get in your way . You where born for a reason so climb back up show the world who you are and never let your  weaknesses if others  stop you but let it make you stronger ,be who you where meant to be live believe in yourself for there is no other like you  . So climb and keep climbing but remember do it for yourself not for someone else . For they don’t deserve the strength you have endured to get back up.