Another page…

Working on another adult coloring page. This one may take a bit longer to finish . A lot more detail . Which is more fun and time consuming. Hopefully it will look good when it’s done .🙂



Now that everything has calmed down , The high school days have come to an end. Graduation has come been celebrated and enjoyed … BUT now I have all those photos of football games ,track meets ,color day dress up day graduation ,so on so on .. filling up my phone . Now it’s. time for some projects I believe will or should keep me busy for awhile … taking the photos off my phone printing them organizing them in categories in a memory photo book for my son . Hopefully I will be able to finish it before I do one for a National Guard album , that one will be sm I will not be able to fill with much , at least I can capture some things for him for a keepsake.

Then I’ve discovered the interest of creating a Fairy garden for my own project . My mother in-law has one and I found it interesting so I thought I would try creating one , bought a few pieces so far now to do this as well, then there is my house needs we are thinking of giving the kitchen a makeover ..well over due I guess I have enough to keep me busy .. and my phone will be happy to have all the photos off as well I will keep some on it so I can enjoy . Hmmm I may need a lot of coffee while I’m doing all this., I would say wine but then nothing will get done .. wine for me is for just plain relaxing next to a bonfire or on a cold cozy day inside , coffee will keep me focused🙂 I will post when I get things started and done , this will take a bit but a happy good kind if busy .

Relaxing ….

Finally done with this page …. Time usually flies by, but not this time .Time went by so slow with getting this page done . 🙄 I know what your probably thinking what’s the big deal it’s a coloring page.. okay yes very true but it helps me deal with my stresses ,worries or if my hip needs me to sit take a break I have this to keep me down to do that . . Okay then your probably thinking hmm then if this page was boring because it seemed to drag on to finish why didn’t you just find a new page….and once again true good point but it’s like a book if I start one and it’s not that great and I have a few other books I know I would enjoy so much more I should just put that book away and start one of the others …no just can’t I need to finish it because I hate the feeling of not finishing and my mind will not let go of it so I finished it . I am happy that I have finally finished this, now I can start a new page 🙂 I do like how it came out but very boring .

Coloring !

It’s Sunday night hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics and I am Adult Coloring . My nerves feel on edge ..this change of life is not easy to deal with …women you know what IM talking about My mood swings are the worst . I feel sorry for my hubby hahaha I warned him 🙂 ahhh he has is moods so its all good . So we thought we settle in our bedroom and watch tv and I will color as well . House is quiet except for the on and off sound of little paws sounding like she is doing laps around the house Miss Abigail in her active moments. My page is coming along , this one is time consuming but not challenging which is what I usually like so it will be nice to finish this one up and start a more challenging page. .