It’s been a simple day . The temperature outside was just bitterly cold ,what sun we had didn’t do to much to warm it up any. I took advantage of it and decided to stay in no running into town needed to be done and thankfully was able to renew my library books online. I did some dusting and a small load of towels easy enough . Spent the day chatting with my daughter as we went about things around the house until she had to leave for work. Yesterday I received two letters in the mail from my Son. I read them once again after my daughter had left for work and the house was quiet . In all the letters he has written he has stated several times how the simple things are what matters the most and family… it’s a funny thing what happens when your phone is taken away and you have a lot of time to think and realize what matters.. Basic training is defiantly an adjustment . I wonder if back in the day before cell phones were created if thinking or thoughts were as deep ? When people went into the service and had time on their hands before it got busy ..now we are all constantly looking at our phones it’s a wonder if we really think of anything of importance as much . It’s going on midnight and I just finish writing a letter back to my son. I must say with each letter I write my handwriting is improving ( hahaha) I’ve been noticing that. Loving this just wish the mail was a bit faster . I guess somethings do not change. Needing to start that journal still deciding on a regular journal for my thoughts or a prayer journal I keep reading about. Another thing to do … well I’m looking at the time and it midnight should call it a day and say my prayers and get some sleep . Started writing late tonight . So now another late night.which is fine .


Thinking … all good

It’s 11:00 at night lately been sleeping at this time but stayed up to read a bit after chatting with my daughter as we watched some of the tv show The Voice. Now laying here in the darkness with the sound of the fan humming away . .. everyone’s settled in . It’s October already , unbelievable. The trees are starting to change a bit more each day . Some places it’s so beautiful. Over the weekend I went with my son to grab a coffee and then on our way home he took me for a ride on his favorite back roads.. dirt roads ,endless fields of green . Mountains off in the distance and with the foliage amazing and so serene. He loves the back roads like his mom🙂 it was nice being with him calm ,small chats he’s not much of a talker well maybe a bit more with his friends. We just drove along as he pointed out certain things that he liked as we went by certain sites . Time is flying by so it was nice to spend some time with him outside of the house on Friday he will take his dad on a hike my husband took the day off so they would have a day to spend together going on a hike. On Sunday we will have family over to see him . Sat is his day with his friends that will be back for from College being it’s a three day weekend ,to see him and they have several activities planned in just a nweek away and he will be off to Missouri for his Basic Training . He’s ready and I guess I am too well at least as much as a mom is when your child is ready to spread their wings know this is what he wants and I know he is a bit nervous but he’s ready. The holidays are coming and I know it will be different . Quieter … but we will do what we do with the rest of our family and will celebrate when he gets back as well .I will keep myself busy . Along with my hubby and daughters company . Plus I will get a chance to write letters to him which will be a nice change of pace . Love writing letters , with texting and messaging good ol writing with a pen and paper seems like a distant memory. Now I will get some time to do this again . He wants us to , to keep him posted on things going on I know he may not write back as much because in his spare time knowing him he will take advantage of getting some sleep , he says he will write I think one or two letters will come our way but will see . It’s okay if he doesn’t it will be nice for me to enjoy writing letters to him I’m looking at this with a different mind set . Well trying. (Hahaha) and I hope my husband follows. Will see .. I have plenty of books and my blog to do and read. Plus there is some movies my husband and I want to go and see . Also the occasional coffee moments with my daughter and chats. Hopefully some lunch dates too but I know she is busy with work and her boyfriend and friends . I understand that my daughter hasher life to live too . My husband and I will just need to do more activities out. .

Change is never easy but it’s a part of life and I need to embrace it , no fighting it. It’s time to move forward even if it means taking it at baby steps . Speaking of time I guess it’s time to say my prayers and get some sleep it’s getting past midnight . Good night everyone

Prom shopping..

my Son and I and his Aunt ventured out for the day to look for a tux for my sons senior prom. Love when my son dresses up , as the saying goes he cleans up well. He basically knew what he was looking for but sadly they didn’t have the blue he wanted for the jacket so he went for a navy kind of blue which when he puts it all together with the vest shirt tie shoes it looked really sharp. So that took a bit of time with him changing mind because he was doubting what he thought would look good but it all worked out . When he dresses up like this it always shell shocks me because I’m so amazed of what a young man he has become. Where did the time go ? The years seem like a blur …. I’m so proud of him. It puts a tear in my eye. I know I’m such a sap 🙂 always a mom…. after we grabbed a late lunch we chatted and laughed the three of us as we enjoyed the food. Then took the long way home chatting and laughing some more.

My hubby stayed home and caught up with lawn work he’s been wanting to do . My daughter was invited with her Grandmother to go on a day bus trip to a casino so that was a fun experience for her . Sometime my hubby and I will go with her. . Now it’s night time and the fan is already humming away love that fan only way everyone sleeps in this house ,we have one running , both my kids have one running with not needing it to cool the room off it’s not in the window at the moment but leaning against a wall in each of our rooms for the sound . Yes all winter long as well. How many of you use a fan or some kind of noise maker to fall asleep to? it’s very dark tonight so no moon shining in. Back to work and school and a track meet which I will go and watch. So they guys are already sleeping and my daughter made it back earlier enough from the trip so she is with her boyfriend now. and I think it’s time that I settle . My eyes are feeling heavy with sleep. So I will say my prayers and get some sleep . Good night everyone.

Kitchen table..

The kitchen table .. is not just for breakfast , lunch and dinner , it’s a place for endless nights of doing homework. it’s the best place in house to enjoy a hot cup of your favorite coffee ..tea or whatever your liking is. As you enjoy a simple chat before heading out to start your day . Or a quiet moment to talk over a bad day . For me it’s the place where many moments memories are made good or bad but especially the good , the kitchen table holds on to all our laughing silly or deep conversations about life . It has heard many happy birthday songs and held many cakes of all occasions to enjoy.It hears our dreams as we sit with our cups of coffee warming our hand s and chatting about those dreams we want or we should of persude . The kitchen table is like an old friend that is always there to sit around to comfort our so many thoughts and yes that what I feel as I know it’s my favorite place in the house . The conversations get less and less as we grow and sometimes as I’m sitting here yes with my coffee and staring out my window I can hear the laughing see the tears that have been shed here . .. and I notice a slight carve into the old tattered wood where my kids I couldn’t say which one 🙂 where there’s a pencil marking when I may not have been looking someone tried carving their name or a marker stain and I smile thinking oh this table hasn’t heard the last of the laughter or deep conversations they’ll be more but of a different older time when they come home .. deeper voices .. more confident grown adults looking to enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice conversation.❤️

Me myself and I Friday night..

It’s a Friday night and happy the weekends her but the quietness once again is here as well . My son is at his meet with my hubby there reporting back to me how he’s doing, my daughter is at work . Shepard’s Pie has been made and ready and waiting to eat for all of them when they come home . I’m keeping myself busy with adult coloring waiting for the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony to start . Love that part so much it’s always interesting to see what they will do .Yes it’s been prerecorded so my part of the globe can watch it . I’ve just noticed the page I’m coloring it’s a clock hmm ..how appropriate since my mind has been focused on time how fast it goes especially this week counting down the days to my sons graduation . Such a good past time haha get it ?okay I know not funny.any ways it’s so time consuming and relaxing thing to do while your waiting for something.Miss Abigail is sleeping away on my bed she won’t like it when I go to settle to watch the Olympics in there. Oh such a fussy kitty. 🙂

Thoughts .. 

Laying in bed just put the Adult coloring book down for the night it was nice taking a break from thinking for a bit. Friday was a beautiful night at the fair followed by a relaxed no rush kind of weekend .  Soon it will be time to think about getting some pumpkins for around the house and  some scarecrows .  Decorate for Fall,  crazy that this time  is already upon us . Now to get my kids involved … need to carve pumpkins with them . My daughter will be on board it will  be my son who will take some pushing to agree.  I will get my way  🙂I will post some pics when the time comes. So  I am happy to say it’s so nice to be reunited with my close friend somewhere along the line we let life stray us away from one another and for a time I was afraid we wouldn’t find our way back to one another … there was nothing we couldn’t tell one another  and our kids grew up together especially our two older ones my daughter and her daughter best of friends thankfully they have kept in touch as much as possible being so busy but have done a better job at that then their mothers . I’m so happy we have reconnected it’s so comforting and I have missed our talks so much.  back in the day we could talk a whole day on the phone about just nothing hahaha it was nice now it’s a bit more busier but I treasure our moments to chat even if it’s a  text here and there. Life sure can change the direction of things hopefully we will not let all these changes get in the way off our friendship . Seems like more then ever we need this friendship to get through them. Change  has been such a big part of our world, for so long things  felt like they stayed the same unless we just didn’t see it … I don’t know how all of a sudden it’s just smacked us in the face and it’s our. new norm . New journey whatever we want to call it maybe  it’s just life… yes that’s it . Well me eyes are getting heavy I guess it’s time for some sleep . Goodnight Everyone.

Photo Monday!

This is my Photo for  Photo Monday the picture looks a bit tattered hahaha  yes it’s the original games very happily well used . My husband and I use to play Yahtzee all the time before we had kid’s  and when they would finally settle down for the night when they where little . Now Uno we played a lot with kids they loved it .Actually my Son still enjoys it he plays it when his friends come over and their sick of being on their phones which I love ! . Friday night it was just my Son and I home which was a rare occurrence  hahaha well for about an hr or so and we played Uno it was a nice moment. this is what I treasure and hold in my heart moments like this, just spontaneous . Then over the brutally cold weekend my husband and I played Yahtzee for the first time in yrs so that was another moment and now with the big 2017 Blizzard coming our way tomorrow morning   my husband is home  and my Daughter should be maybe I can gt her to play. My Son of course will be going to friends tonight since school is cancelled already and sleepover and be snowed in with some friends ….teenagers .  I must say these games just get so neglected this day in time with all the technology that has taken over, it’s nice to be unplugged for awhile and enjoy what we grew up on . I am so happy my kids where born in the time board games where the in thing so they still can enjoy them.  One of the other board games that we enjoyed was scrabble . Need to play that some time . Well enjoy my picture and if you have a favorite game let me know send me a comment back would love to know.20170313_190303