Tired (I wonder why)

Tired….. my  busy summer of  soaking in the sun all day running here and there with the kids making the night a welcome restful night is not anymore…..it’s replaced with less busy days and late nights of waiting and wondering when they will be home or check .. in most nights it’s late .My daughter is 21 yes I know she is an adult but when she is living at home in the furnished basement at the moment it’s hard not to worry and wonder and it’s even more  worst with my son who will be 17 in less then two weeks especially when his friends are driving because there older and can drive pass 12:30 at night where my son can’t drive past 12:30 till he is 18 but sometimes he cuts that close .between the two of them I am up because yes I’m a mother and I worry and it doesn’t matter if they live here till their 30 I will still worry oh my ok hopefully they will be on thier on then hahaha so when they get home at 1 I can’t settle for a least an our after that . They say go to bed will lock up but it’s not that …it’s worrying .and it’s not easy to stop that feeling believe me I have tried.  Now that I’ve stayed up till two or more now if they are home earlier or stay in for the night I’m still up ughhh I can’t win . I’m actually looking forward to my son going back to school there will be routine yes late nights only on weekends unless he is working. Or tired from a busy week of school and sports .Sadly not trying to push this summer ahead but I’m tired … What to do .