And it’s Friday..

So it’s Friday night and  I believe I am  so sick of the sound of the air conditioner and my sinuses are as well … been a long week and my head feels a mess  allergies are at an all time high so not helping . My hubby and Miss Abigail  and I watched many reruns of our favorite old show and now settling in bed my hubby is slowly drifting off to sleep after along day in the sun and the kids are off with their friends my son thankfully is staying over his friends house for the night so I won’t have to worry where he is and my daughter will be home when she gets home / I don’t worry as much with her she usually is responsible . So I think I will play my game untill I get tired enough that I can fall asleep with this stuffiness in my head. Yes my addicting game bubble pop ūüôā and yes I’m still stuck on level 36 cannot get passed it day 3 of still trying too. I’m shocked I haven’t given up on the  this because usually I do and find something else to play…..yes inpatient , but this time I am determined to get past this level .i will keep you informed. 


Talking away…


So tonight I’m sitting in the recliner my husband ¬†laying on the couch watching an oldie but goodie Tx show MASH. ..and he was talking ¬†I ¬†started gabbing away on and on in detail about something funny that happened while he was at work. I get done and I’m laughing and i ask him you didn’t find that funny …nothing he is out cold I’m like what wait noo ¬†he can’t be well okay he can be ¬†he has been al day at work out in the hot sun paving ¬†but he was just taking and wide awake …so I feel stupid hahaha for going on like I did ¬†and Miss Abigail was even sleeping. So I turn my attention back to the t.v. show and out of the corner of my eye he is swaying his foot back and forth and I look he is watching tv again …I’m like did you hear what I was t elling you a bit ago ? He is Like what ? No what did you say ?I’m like omg for another night I don’t feel like explaining ¬†again he was like wow I guess I fell asleep I’m like hmmm yeah .from ¬†now on no big conversations while he is laying on the ¬†couch hahaha. Anyone have this issue with their Better half ? ‚ėļ


Laying here  in bed darkness surrounds  me ..except for the shadows on the wall from the moon . A train whistle  echos  as it passes through the night. Why is the sound  seem like such a lonely cry? My eyes feel heavy of sleep but my mind is filled with thoughts ..sleep I tell myself tomorrow is another day. Sleep and  dream of pleasant things another train whistle blows and this time gently  persuades  me to sleep.


Hello everyone hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday after noon. today the temps have dipped down to 38 from 60’s on Saturday that’s¬† when my daughter I spent the day taking a ride getting Starbucks a cold one and having silly conversations oh yes silly.. people would not understand ūüôā So the Starbucks drink we enjoyed¬† was a salted caramel brule¬† latte really good especially if your a caramel lover. Today I am enjoying a dark chocolate hot chocolate as my Husband and I wait for the football game to come on the TV and¬† enjoy a quiet day except for the sound of the wind blowing which bothers my pups so much it makes him shake and pace around¬† ,thank goodness he is finally settled down and is sleeping … as well as my husband and Son ..tired guys.

My Son made it to States in X Country for his team with one other teammate on the boys side¬† the whole girls team made it . So they where thrilled my son didn’t make it past States to go to Nationals but he was okay with that because its his first State in X Country so he gave it his all and now is tired and ready for a break . I am a proud Mom … no matter if he wins or looses he always gives it his all so now he has a¬† week off¬† then indoor track starts were he does hurdles. I am already tired for him just thinking about it. It was¬† a busy weekend so today is a lazy refuel Sunday¬† well my family is needing me a mothers job never ends¬† Okay everyone enjoy your Sunday as I will.


Change….could only wish..

Good Morning I do not like to start my day with negativity but this negativity has followed me for years and on Wed¬† was brought back to light once again so I should say this is a Thursday throwback¬† issue. it’s been 19 years that I have been married ..and yes like every marriage we have had are ups and downs and have always gotten through it. Most of the problem is my in-laws not only did I marry my husband I married them ……my parents have been gone for 20 yrs and let me say the ache of missing them is always there but right now the ache is more .So there is no way to put it nicely my Mother and Father in-law are judgemental , rude, selfish and so unfairly stubborn and most part hurtful. They can be nice BUT only if you go along with their way of thinking then things go smooth or smoother and to tell them you cannot talk to them and tell them¬† how they are being they will not talk to you or should say me for months..yes I cannot do anything right I do not live up to the mother wife THEY believe I should be and sadly they can treat my kids the same way if they don’t have a title so they can brag about them instead of brag about how good of a person they have become . My kid’s know their 20 and 15 and understand .It’s sad how they never had the chance to meet my parents who where the total opposite of my in-laws it’s so sad and unfair how that happens. I have wished for so long that things would change but after an incident on Wed I now know it never will change this is when I wish I could talk to my parents and I know they would have mine and my kid’s back. My Father didn’t care for them and he was right…I would marry them to when I married my husband.My husband knows what his parents are like but their his parents and I know they intimidate him. Such a complicated situation..any ideas anyone ???

Good Morning!!!

It’s Tuesday a quiet morning as I¬† sit and write and enjoy my cup of coffee.¬† My husbands back to work¬†¬† my daughter headed to work and my son still sleeping after is adventurous¬† weekend in Boston, then off to practice this afternoon for him even though it’s vacation So things are back to a normal routine day, sad how the weekends no matter how long they are , go by so fast. what can we do …it’s¬† interesting how when my son was gone for those 3 days I slept not good but slept felt so tired like I said in my last post I checked up on him not overly but enough worried a bit but then when he came home yes tired …. and I went to bed knowing everyone was home I could not sleep I was wide awake still¬† at 1 and tossing and turning. why? it’s so strange how that happens.being a mom is never easy ūüôā well must get things done around my house have great morning everyone and enjoy your coffee.

Sad…sick ughh…

So every virus that is going around that past month has seemed like its living at our house .why?? I have done so well of not getting it but I knew it was only a matter of time . My daughter on medication and having to work .. my son back to school as of today but now in bed at 7:30 exhausted .My husband laying in bed watching TV feeling tired and then I the body aches hot and cold and tired but sadly cannot rest my mind to settle … I am not an easy person when I am sick , I want to keep doing and when I can’t I am not happy. it’s funny though because as I sit hear or lay here on my couch with the laptop I feel my eyes getting heavy and I feel like I could fall asleep..which I tried before I got on here ughhh …..going to be a n endless night. I love how my son when he is sick can just sleep all day ..oh my to be able to do that. my daughter though is like me cant sleep. Its sad because its April and this should be done with we did so well over the winter . I just want to cry.. So if you see me on in the middle of the night rambling on you will know why . Okay time for some tea and see if that works wish me luck.