Give me strength (rant)

Why is it that the people  who care so much about others are the ones who seem to feel hurt the most?..I always wonder if I was falling who  would be there to catch me ? Anyone …yes I have my doubts .. priorities are  so misplaced .  How does one who care so deeply stop ?Do we eventually stop because we learn it does not matter people just don’t care about people like us.only themselves…is that what I need to do  just care about myself and let people take care of themselves? I’m emotionally exhausted I think I need to step back and just stop trying and just  be , hmm let’s See how that goes. Is life trying to tell me something I can let go or are people just selfish …yes will see I will keep you posted.


Technology some days I love  it some days I hate it.  The one thing I hate is when my husband and son do not answer my texts…my husband about an hour later my son 3hours maybe 4 …yes the panic kicks in but then when I see he has been on because we know some apps you can see it then the anger kicks in. I know it’s the way of the world and I love my phone but I am really good at answering back quickly . or at least before an hour passes. oh my gosh when my son doesn’t answere me back when he received his first phone the things that went through my mind…. not good. and then when my daughter was in school and I was taking her Ipod away because homework was taking  half the night to finish and she swore in matter of speaking lol that she was using it as a dictionary …but then I caught her texting I was like okay now hand it over, guess what homework was not an all night thing after that..hmm and now my son is doing the same think but on his desk top he has like 5 tabs open  you know fb twitter etc but then I walk in and he switches back to the paper he is writing…ahhhh so crazy . Then this is when I like it when I can write on my blog or like today when I could watch my son at his all state track meet 2hrs away and I knew my hip and legs wouldn’t  with stand all the standing..and my son finds  this site I pay for that is so worth it to watch the whole championship live on -line..  so great I wish we had discovered this sooner. for two yrs now my son has been doing indoor track and I have not seen them because of all the time on your feet  …I have seen pictures but not the same. so this was exciting. so yes it as its good and bad  points but this was definitely is a thumbs up for me.What do you think about all this technology?  love some feedback !Screenshot_2016-02-20-16-33-51-1