Delicious !

I had to share ! My daughter came home with two of these one for herself and one for me . Our local coffee house down the road put out their new Spring coffee drinks so she brought us home a cupcake latte mine is decaf this is so good. I have had no sugar today so I am enjoying it . It taste just like a cupcake. 🙂welcome Spring hahaha !

That kind of day…

Loving the new Starbucks cups! It was a perfect day for a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte , Holidays are here and  the holiday flavors are out My  daughter and  I did some errands then we treated ourselves to a treat perfect rainy cool day for it. and a nice day spent with my daughter very few of these kind of  days now since she is busy with odd   hours at work then friends ,so when I can get a moment like this I take it  that’s all I need . The simple things that’s what matters❤️

Photo Monday..



Good Morning It’s Monday! Over the weekend I bought my self a gift okay it’s a lot smaller then the picture shows,, it’s the cutest  little plant holder and the its a coffee plant growing inside it. I was bringing my daughter a coffee at work for her of course coffee hahaha and I spotted this where she works in the floral department and she told  me  they just  got them in and they where  selling fast . I just couldn’t resist she thought it was pricey but it was so cute and so simple I wanted it. you know how I said I love simple. I brought it home and my husband and son just smirked and said well that is so you …and I need to add my daughter too  has a coffee  fetish .,