Tuesday out!

It was a Tuesday out and about with my daughter . The first part of it was spent at a doctors appointment that I knew would end up with different opinions ..I won’t even get started.. .but was happily worth it after enjoying lunch out with my daughter at Panera’s ,being once again a chilly day ,a cup of cheddar broccoli soup and grilled cheese tasted so good. Then followed it with a white chocolate Frappuccino with two pumps of raspberry in it from Starbucks . Only get them every so many months if that. It was a perfect treat .It was nice to catch up with my daughter talking about random things and laughing and being silly especially when we went to get her studded tires off and new tires needing to be on to pass inspection … yes another stop we needed to do . But that was more fun then my appointment. At the tire place it was so busy and people looked angry , impatient and some were sleeping in the leather chairs well fake leather but so comfy it felt like we were in a movie theater ,all in a row the chairs were with two screen TVs one with sports playing and one showing our last name and what bay her car was in , the estimated time of how long and oh a third screen showing the guys working on the cars . So we could see them changing her tires . Very interesting. I believe we sat there an hour laughing to ourselves while we texted back and forth to one another so we wouldn’t disturb the people around us … because everyone was so quiet . Either on their phones, reading, or concentrating on the screens and yes sleeping as I stated. Then my phone rang with my son appearing on the screen , I answered with such a whispering voice my son was like whispering back to me asking why I was whispering I told him and he was like oh okayyyy… 😂 I must say the hour went by quick . And my daughter was satisfied . I do not understand why everyone or for the most part a good amount of them looking so miserable. We were all their for the same thing tires that’s all they do. And it was quick. After that we headed for home , where leftovers for supper would be what I would be preparing. It’s amazing that it’s already going on 8 at night. Doesn’t seem possible. Well time to read some blogs and then my book . Have a great night everyone.🙂


It’s Tuesday and the morning was a quiet calm one . I woke to the sound of birds since we had our bedroom window open a bit for fresh air during the night . I scrolled through my Twitter , Instagram account , email and horoscope then decided it was time to head for a shower. Love walking out to a clean house . Went to get my coffee and enjoyed it with a little conversation with my son who was up and heading to the gym . Tomorrow he has a job interview . I’m crossing my fingers for him. My daughter still was sleeping . So after he left , the house was quiet. I am now enjoying my daytime show while the sun is slowly coming around to the front of the house to shine in . I think opening the slider door to the screen was a bit early it’s a bit cool . But I’m just craving the feeling to open the house up . This is the sun shining through my living room window the evening before it the photos . I love how the rays of the sun appears. in the photograph beautiful .

As I was getting some lunch I noticed my turkeys are back it’s hard to see them their blending into the woods a bit. It’s another sight of Spring! Soon we will be hearing the boys ( coyotes) that’s what I called them when my pup was alive … he would go crazy when he heard them so I called them the boys and told him it would be okay . They come so close to the house at night running by our bedroom window always reminds me of the wolves running along the polar express train in the Polar Express movie . At night when we are sitting out looking at stars you can spot them in our woods their eyes catching the light from our solar lawn lights. It’s a bit creepy but beautiful ( hahaha) I know two word s you wouldn’t expect together. It is though. I guess it’s time to get something done around here . Have a great day everyone.

Good Morning!

Woke to the sun shining bright into my room did my usual scroll through Twitter , Instagram , email before dragging myself to a shower . When I walked out to the kitchen to get my morning cup of coffee I am greeted by Miss Abigail who was staring at me from the chair it seems she has slept in all night . I think my daughter came in late and Miss Abigail settled herself upstairs. Now I have a coffee buddy. My son has just headed out the door for to the gym. Then a run and swim then back home for food and rest then who knows . I see he has marked targets in our woods using plastic milk cartons paper targets to practice his shooting for his Army drills .. he has an air soft gun that shoots pellets . To practice with. Every day it get a bit closer to him leaving and him all business . He is so focused and ready. It throws me how fast he grew into a man . I guess it’s true the youngest grow up so much faster . My daughter seemed stay so young much longer then him. ..

Last night I decided to read out in the living room so the light wouldn’t bother my hubby since he is back to work this week and having a hard time falling asleep early since he stayed up late with me watching movies sitting outside late and just chatting. I read more of Sharp Objects. yes it is a bit different then the mini series. Still very bizarre is the word I am going to use to describe it, ( hahaha) I got into but not so I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those books where I do read it but put it down take a break then pick it up again . There is not many books that I do not finish once I start . It makes you want to keep picking it back up .well time to get this day started.. have a good day everyone .