Wow lets say  frazzled….. oh my what a morning.  My husband for got to wake me up be for he left for work so I slept in. I wake up  look at the clock and everything from that  moment on was crazy. knock at the door oh no oil guy …early  ughh!!! no shower right now I am trying to throw regular clothes on yelling coming at the top of my lungs I must of sounded like a mad dog going nuts barking none stop the sound making my head pound, plan  was get up early shower and dressed, dog out on deck , coffee in hand when the Oil service man showed up to clean our furnace. Not!!! total chaos so I get to the door tell him I am so sorry for my dogs non stop barking he is a little older man with this small soft voice and says that’s okay really doesn’t bother me I am partially deaf he states, I am like oh okay so I tell him go to the outside basement door my daughter will unlock it. so I shut my door run to the basement stairs yelling once again at the top of my lungs unlock your door figuring okay he can’t hear 🙂 My daughter wakes up just as frazzled so not happy… her cat is running around scared from all the chaos …the dog hahaha and  a strange man in the house. Poor cat.  Now all is calm and I am finally having my coffee, daughter at work still a barking dog and a  scared kitty going to be a long day.Screenshot_2016-05-04-10-25-51-1





Aahhhh!!! thats how I feel. why raising a teenager feels like a balancing act or a seesaw or a tug a war should I go on….which way will he tilt today? Oh my it’s tiring I know I’m not the only parent who feels this way but it seems that way and especially when I see other parents on Facebook bragging about their child and the child liking it , I use to do that not brag but just put credit where credit was due and a photo if I was proud of him with a sport win ,but then one day my Son said Mom please stop talking about me its embarrassing ..and people are telling me what you write ,yes that hurt me and I went on the defense  and deleted his friends That I will tell you befriended me first on FB so now nothing is said no photos…and do you think it makes my life easier with him ?? NO!! hahaha  like I said a balancing act . I love how he tells me just be my mom…hmmm  okay you said it. but then they think they have all the answers… oh boy this phase can’t end fast enough .my daughter was so much easier she didn’t go through this she was more quiet laid back more cautious so she would bring her friends home and had more sleepovers at the house ,my Son use to bring his friends around and have them over for sleepovers well okay that was elementary school now he is in High school he can’t leave this house fast enough and he stays over their house . I was told by one Mom who said their suppose to do this to separate to function in life, has anyone ever heard this? could someone give me some answers ..hahaha   I will say one thing I am on Facebook less and I am not missing it. 🙂  but that is just me.