Oh the signs..

Well sitting down at noon drinking my first cup of coffee and listening to all the ridiculous news .. yes ridiculous . What is wrong with society ? Anyways not what I really want to talk about.. what would we gain if we did… the house is quiet as I enjoy my coffee but the signs of a full house is everywhere. My sons hats two to be exact hanging off the kitchen chairs a sure sign of my son being back. My daughters coat hanging on the other chair that’s a new one. The kitchen sink full with dishes ..when I know that it was empty when I went to bed. Oh a big one an empty roll of toilet paper still in place on toilet holder.. yes one of my pet peeves 🙄 BUT would I change this for the world? No! Okay maybe a bit (hahaha) I cleaned the kitchen .. now until round two.. soon very soon my son will be back from the gym and ready for lunch and that he will clean up . Dishes will find their way into the dishwasher with his own hands. it will be supper prep soon as well . oh where did this day go! Oh I know … I guess laying in bed all morning and then enjoying a warm shower may have cause this.. after thinking I would get to bed earlier . I read until after midnight again and still haven’t finished the book. Then trying to sleep after was a bit hard . I kept trying to figure the ending of it. It’s a crazy cycle I’m on . This time change has thrown me for a loop. Plus the bit of Spring fever does not help. Oh the days of summer vacation when for just a season the world felt like it stopped because the kids were on vacation and we had the days of summer to get off the routine of busy morning school schedules, sport practices, just lazy days and no place to be unless we wanted to be. Now it feels as I’m the only one who is staying in place and I’m on a vacation if you want to call it that . Since being on disability. I’m home more then anyone. yes I do the bare minimum of things in the house some days are better then others ,if I do too much or in repetition you see what happens when I wrote about my sciatic pain . It’s a juggling act of what I can put my energy towards and to keep my muscles active. I think that’s why I am so happy I was able to do all the things with my kids when they were growing up and my body was able. And now their adults and do not need me to do anything for them it’s funny now they do for me which at times is hard to bare … I guess call it pride. I have learned what is important. It’s the time spent the laughter . Even if it’s in moments .. minutes, seconds . It’s just hard at times when everyone is busy with work , friends , life and I just sit here and watch. I’m always watching . (It’s hard especially when I can see my family running themselves ragged and my kids making choices that are not good but know I can’t tell them what to do .)but some days it’s not . See that’s what I do . I go back and forth and at times when everything is done and fine and I spend time.. hour hours reading , blogging which has been the best thing I’ve discovered . 🙂 or I stay up late reading and sleep in because I do not need to do the 6:00 wake up time .I feel this guilt. It’s probably silly .. my daughter told me it was wrong to feel this way . I’ve told her how I feel . She said I’ve done my job . To relax and enjoy what I’m doing. I guess I’m opening up on here because I feel when I write it’s the same ol … but that’s just how it is especially in the winters everything I see from my house my front deck . 🙄 so I thank all of you who follow my blog and read my posts especially my faithful readers I call friends. You make this new chapter in my life feel like something when you read my posts.🙂



It’s Monday already but a holiday so my hubby had off ..well he took the whole week off seeing that we need to bring my son to the local base on Wed.. he decided to take some vacation time. Any how yes it’s Monday and with the shorter days weekends go by so much more quickly. It was a dreary wet cold one but that’s okay we did some errands in town then grabbed some hot chocolate and took our time driving home. Once home I made a simple supper for the two of us and then we settled in with nightly news and now our shows . It’s nice having him home there’s no set time he needs to get to sleep so he can get up for work … but the funny thing is we are ready to shut the tv and lights off after are shows are over and get some sleep . I guess it’s just because it’s relaxing doing just whatever no routine. Need time like this once in awhile It’s a nice break. The house is quiet my daughter with her boyfriend and my son with a friend spending one last night for awhile before he leaves, tomorrow he will get everything together and my husband and I will take him out for supper . Still waiting to see what time he needs to be at the base Wed .. ughh they say he will find out tomorrow . Hmm it’s the Army their time .. but it’s all good . I’m hoping a little bit later then early to bring him. My shows on that I’ve been waiting for . Loving the show Manifest . So time to watch it have a good night everyone.


It’s Friday night still brutally cold out .this vacation has been a simple quiet one my son has worked all week so far except for the day before which ended  up  happily spent with a friend and shopping with his gift cards and getting what he wanted for his room. He came home tonight from work and sport practice and now is at a basketball game at his school with friends  I am proud of him he is doing so well with this job he loves it.. My daughter had today off thankfully so she could catch up on some well needed  rest and now is having a friend over.

On Chrisrmas I received this beautiful-adult colorimg book from my  beautiful daughter ,the pictures are amazing ! I’m starting it tonight so I’m so excited . These books have been such a  blessing to me  helps keep this thinking mind of mine in a good happy place especially when my kids are out and about.hahaha yes I can’t think or worry about things as much because I am concentrating on the picture.Time to get started.❤️image

Cold cloudy Spring Saturday…

Once again we are blessed with a  cold cloudy day at least the rain as stopped.  a quiet late afternoon now after the hustling and bustling of my Son getting home from work and getting ready to go over to a friends house to do some vacation school homework then go to the movies tonight to enjoy the last of this very strange April vacation week .  My daughter  was busy doing laundry  all morning and now off to work and myself done with things around the house and now enjoying a Dunkin Ice coffee butter pecan. So yummy. .. yes I know it’s cold but In New England we drink Dunkin  Doughnut Ice coffee all year round . In our town alone there is 3 Dunkins …..crazy I know but cannot say much I support it. 🙂 My husband is outside keeping busy cleaning out our shed so Miss Abigail the kitty is keeping me company well I guess I should say I am keeping her company while she is nice and cozy on the couch sleeping this cold day away. Supper will be an easy one pizza yeah I know not very exciting but weekends are pretty much a whatever because there is really no one around to cook much for so its simple. wasn’t always this way back in the day I made nice weekend meal and desserts but with most of the time just being my husband and I here it’s to much for us so its simple home food or we go out, well I guess I will see how my husband is doing hope everyone has a great afternoon.