Happy Halloween everyone . I hope all of you have a fun and safe one. Not much happening my way . Adult kids and too far out for trick or treaters just another day here. I have a food service truck that comes out every other Thursday . They sell all kinds of food .The guy comes to your door and asks what you would like . I usually do frozen yogurt some veggies, some meat products .. etc well the man that has our route has been coming here for yrs. and we chit chat for a bit . Today thorough me a bit off balance . Actually let me go back a bit … sense this past summer I have been really getting back into my music. I love to sing and yes as loud as I can when I’m home alone doing things around the house and in my car as well. . It’s a stress reliever . I have always loved music . Well I’ve been enjoying it more and more everyday. I have a pretty good playlist going . On my chrome book and phone. This is where now I come back to my food service man. As he was leaving he turned back towards me and asked if I had an iPhone and asked if I ever go on Apple play. I said yes I did but no I have Spotify . He chuckled and told me his son did too. And that I needed to try the free trial on Apple because the music you can download is out of this world. He went on explaining to me how he downloaded so many songs that he was so happy and enjoys so much all his type of music from his era. I just stood there looking at him in shock. I believe he didn’t notice because he just kept on talking. He kept saying you have to try it and it wasn’t like he was promoting it he just was amazed at the variety . After he left I just stood at the counter in awe for a bit . Music has been such a part of my life lately and for him to just randomly talk about music with me was unusual . I know your probably thinking oh it was just random he brought this up. Honestly I felt like he was tapping into some kind of vibe off me. I wondered if he brought it up to other customers. And no there was no music or has been when he has been here. This is why I am a bit amazed I guess is the word. My life lately has been surrounded by a lot of signs so this just felt like another one but the food service man . ๐Ÿ™„ trying to figure this one out . Such a strange conversation to have with him.

Early Friday Night..

It’s about 8:20 on another stormy Friday night. Pitch black out already actually has been since 7:45… humid still …it feels like it will never break. Woke a bit early to catch a ride with my son who had a massage appointment .. his shoulders have been very tight so the Dr. suggested this . Plus I think he enjoys it …who wouldn’t .. I love going in with him even tho I do not need to sit in the waiting room for him now that he’s 18 it’s much better then waiting for him with the car running you walk in and this lady is such a beautiful person , there this energy of calm and peacefulness ,the lights are low, candles here and there , soft comforting music playing. Plus the seats are like big reading leather recliners but they don’t recline .. you get the picture. So when my son went in for his massage the lady at the desk came over and we chatted about the energy around us and then I told her about the last couple of dreams I had that were so strange to me and anyone else I’ve tried or would tell . .. but she was so amazing trying to figure out what they could mean. Yes I love all this kind of things. It’s intriguing to me. When she had more customers come in I started reading my book. Just so relaxing their she had offered me tea it sounded so good but if it had been cooler out I would of said yes. After my son was finish we went to the shopping place I wanted to go to I had a gift card so I bought a lamp that my son had bought for the den that I just loved and I also bought a bean bag chair need more seating in my living room if we all want to watch tv together . Since the futon couch has ended up in the den and my other couch is my hubbies spot and the recliner is mine (hahaha) so we are saving up for another big couch. So for now I bought this bean bag chair let’s say it’s ugly the only color they had was blue so it doesn’t go well in the living room with our color scheme but my daughter loves it. It is very comfortable. They ran out of black which is what I wanted . Well I will cover it with a black seat cover. That should work for now. Any ways my son just came home with a friend, my daughters birthday tomorrow so she is and will be out off and on through out her weekend …tomorrow we will have family over for cake and ice cream and then she will be back out with her boyfriend and friends, 23 it still so unbelievable. .. so my hubby and I are in bed with the baseball game on and I have my book on my lap . We can hear the thunder rolling in and flash of lightening here and there. I think I will get back to my book before it gets late and getting some sleep๐Ÿ™‚