Today I manage to wake a bit earlier. And get myself out of the house before my son actually woke . I went mudding out of our driveway . Sliding here and there. Yes it’s mud season in New England. The snow is melting making the snow not so pretty looking anymore mixed with the mud a white color car is not a good color for my driveway. I drove into town as the sun beat down into the car warming it . I arrived at the Post Office to collect our mail and looked at my car that was caked with mud all around the tires … I wondered what was making a flapping noises as I was driving I believe it was the mud flying off the tires🙄 after driving through town taking in our quiet little town . I can see people sitting at the pharmacy /soda bar enjoying coffee and chatting. People walking in and out of our little market. With bags of food. I headed home . As I walked into the house I was greeted by my awaken son. Blending up his protein drink he loves so much. I gave him a hug since he had some good news that came in the mail . One of the several colleges he applied to came back congratulating him to their College. Not his top choice …..he’s still waiting to hear . BUT was happy to see the big envelope with the congrats all over it. He said he was on the right track. And I’m happy to say he did his laundry ! ( hahaha) yes I was for the most part doing it before Basic but those days are over. That I’m defiantly not sad about.? Because it was almost in the 50’s I hurried with getting the Shepard’s pie made for dinner so I could go out on the deck and absorb some sun. Then came back into watch some of my General hospital …. it’s so good right now I wanted to see what was going on. The Shepard’s pie I think came out good everyone ate it including my son who is on his own food program. My daughter after working her shift came home and helped herself to a plate and finished it all. Stating it was filling. I believe she enjoyed it.

It’s 9:30 at night now after the beautiful evening sunset which I give the credit to my daughter for captioning it . The guys are asleep . My daughter and Miss Abigail getting ready to head downstairs to their place. We watched some of the I Heart Radio Awards on tv . Seeing the performers we wanted we are done with it now . Oh the music these days . I really do not understand how they are famous…. some are good like the ones I stated my daughter and I enjoyed . But the rest oh boy.. now we do the task of shutting everything off .. the tv , lights , dryer will shut it’s self down when it’s done. Hopefully I can sleep . I’m wide awake . Wish me luck.

Adult Coloring …occupying the mind.

I cannot believe as I look at the time that it’s 8 at night. It gets early so quick now that it feels like I just sat down and started coloring… I guess not 🙂 finished my page though ,so that’s good. Very happy with it and feeling relaxed . I think it’s time to make a hot cup of tea and enjoy some tv with my husband now . Chilly night so the tea will be welcoming. Here is my finished page.


It’s Saturday food shopping is done with my hubby’s help have all our treats for Sunday’s Super Bowl so now it’s going to be a stay in kind of weekend . As you can see the sun is shining away ,this photo is taken inside through my glass storm door it’s so warm with it beating on me actually feels a bit warm but nice . I am absorbing the suns warmth for as long as it keeps me warm…ahhh the sun feels great . If its too cold outside to enjoy sit in front of a window or glass door it works.🙂

Snow Day 2

Here we are. a day in together ..going to be a long winter . The temps are only at 19 the wind is blowing the snow all over the place . I think Miss Abigail has the right idea she is nice and comfy on my bed. We are hoping the power stays on . .So for now the heat is up to keep the house warm . So many states are being effected by this storm and there is many delays and cancellations at the airport , my son’s girlfriend is suppose to be flying home from Scotland into Boston with her family today I do not believe that will happen if so I wish for a safe flight and drive home from the airport . The airport to where she lives our way is  a two hour drive but in this weather you would need to add an hour or more . Spring can not come fast enough.




Photo Monday!!!


Today I got my subie back and had a nice ride home in it with my daughter we stopped off at Starbucks for a coffee and it was so nice, it’s not very often we get out together lately with her busy with work ..friends ..boyfriend.. in which case it should be. ..but I miss our outing, when we arrived home she grabbed her car and went off with a friend and I sat on our deck absorbing in the warm beautiful sun as I felt the eyes of Miss Abigail the kitty eyeing me at the open window and catching some sun herself.

Photo Monday!!!!

The Photo is blurry but you get the adjust of it .It was so beautiful on Saturday  so I sat out on my deck and took in the amazingly blue sky and absorbed the warm sun and that is when I heard the birds going back and forth from my bird feeder and the trees. that is when I took the photo. I had to take it fast….it was so nice watching them and hearing them Spring is definitely here.Screenshot_2016-03-28-10-22-41