Tuesday …

Woke early to a bird who kept pecking at the slider in the kitchen. This happened last yr as well.. when the sun hits the slider window it must send a shadow that attracts this bird all I know it had Miss Abigail hiding by the living room chair . She didn’t want nothing to do with it.as scared as she was I was annoyed .. ugh I wanted to cry after not sleeping well … getting a cold ugh .., I think I caught what my daughter had . Plus having the temps go from single digits last week to the last several days near the 60’s is not helping . So it was a very laid back day relaxing watching my shows . Making a light supper. And now trying to adult color but really not into it . So I will just relax some more watch the tv hopefully can sleep if the coughing lets me . Thankfully nothing needing to be done tomorrow for errands If I can’t sleep. Time to settle a bit earlier tonight .

Ahh Friday…

Good morning enjoying my coffee while catching up on the morning news. It’s Friday with a not so busy weekend ahead ,the last two weekends have been busy but enjoyable .Birthday celebrations but you know all that goes into it … when I woke it was sunny now it’s cloudy , rain coming in this afternoon again with the humidity … I’m so hoping by tonight it clears for awhile to be able to sit out on the deck with our tiki lights and relax with my other half , haven’t been able to do this for awhile. Saturday will be a whatever kind of day .. and then Sunday if my sons ankle feels better …two days ago while running he landed wrong on it and strained it he took some days to relax it and knowing my son he will push to do the triathlon … will see . He needs to take it easy but that is not in his vocabulary 🙄 time will tell, well my visitors were back early this morning (turkeys) I believe their living in our woods. You would think we were raising them (hahaha) Miss Abigail use to love sitting in the window watching them and and making noises at them like she is talking to them but I think it’s become old being here everyday she doesn’t bother with them. Coffee is finished so time to get on with this day before I decide to just let it go around here and read (hahaha) need to finish my book I really want to know how it ends . I posted that I was reading it. On Facebook and this friend of mine said it looked good and didn’t know Stephen King had a new one out. He thanked me and said it was going to be his next read. He will probably have it and finish it before I’m done . Okay time to get off here for now 🙂

Ahh all home 🙂

It’s a cold icy Sunday night outside the sleet and freezing rain started this early evening both kids where out …as the ground became a blanket of white ..with the sleet and not pretty especially in the middle of April …. I’m happy we are all home now . Thankfully the kids got off the roads earlier then usual. My son went to bed relaxing with his music . My daughter is enjoying the Country Music Awards with Miss Abigail in their place as hubby and I are enjoying them too settled in bed nice and warm. .well off to finish enjoying the awards and hearing the sleet bouncing off the windows . I hope whoever is out tonight and on the roads stay safe.

Sunday Morning already …

It’s Sunday morning already … this weekend is flying by . The night went by fast and the kids have already left the house ,at work. My hubby got up a bit earlier then I so he is working on the barn and I am just enjoying my coffee ..after hopping out of the shower and following the delicious aroma of coffee to the kitchen happy to just see my son in time as he headed out. Now just siting here while Miss Abigail is across from me sleeping. the weather channels on and their showing the shore line damages …not good flooded .sadly their saying we are getting another storm possibly coming in Wednesday will see how that one goes as well. Cloudy cold day out . Still mild for March.March is always when we get the wild storms so it’s really nothing new to hear just inconvenient . Time to get somethings done .. make myself feel useful .. 🙂

Full Moon

The past couple of nights has Miss Abigail pacing all over the house and being very vocal poor kitty all out of sorts . It also has myself and my daughter antsy and not Being able  to sleep. My Son is on a weird sleeping schedule as well and keeping him up playing an Xbox game online with one of his buddies I think they have a challenge going on . After little nap after school and practice …..luckly no homework I believe the first quarter is about to end soon and then exams so studying will be in order soon.. This school yr is going to fly by . Even my hubby is still up past his bedtime 🙂 Yes this Full Moon is doing a job on all of us . It’s still brutally cold out and expecting a snow storm Thursday their saying a possible Northeastern on the coast  hope it changes for their sakenot much our way as of right now but thT could always change. .  two hr  delay this morning for the schools due to the wind chill . This weather is so crazy Mother Nature is letting it snow  in Florida . and their having winter storm watches  ….why…… I guess she isn’t happy with us .  Tomorrow I think I will start a book I  bought months ago and then when that is finish I have a gift card to get more books so I can read this month away and color.  That of course will be after all my errands are done house is picked up….my soapy is watched yes I’m a soap addict 🙄Days Of Our Lives! Love it. The only drama I like to get dragged into 🙂  Well the house is a bit quieter now tv’s off my hubbys is sleeping Miss Abigail for the moment is sleeping my daughter is down in her place enjoying her book her kitty should be there , eventually she will wander down the only sound is the occasional laugh from my son soon he will be off to bed as I should be. So time to settle under these cozy warm blankets and get some sleep . Good Night Everyone.