Good Morning!

Good Morning woke to no snow Yay!! so happy I’m hoping that it will start feeling more like Spring now . ready to feel the sun on my face and see the beautiful stars at night . Last night read some in between the comings and goings of my son and his friends to finally things quieting down which believe me I was fine with 🙂but it was funny when it got quiet and my hubby walked out to the darken kitchen after us settling in bed for the grab a glass of water and he thought he saw Lights flashing it was cell phone lights and then could see shadows of two boys sitting on our couch in the dark on their phones eating cereal .. my son no where in sight ..finding out he was in bed trying to sleep and his friends didn’t want to go home yet so they sat in our living room for awhile ,well I’m happy they feel comfortable at our house …🙂So that was my night hahaha well it’s time to get things done for the day have a good day everyone as I just noticed what time it was. 🙂.