Wednesday already..

Half way through the week. Where did it go ? The last couple of nights we have all settled in to a good night sleep , or I should say much better. The house is quiet after a morning of a busy noisy kitchen …. blender making smoothies the sound of eggs frying ,the fridge opening closing you know all the morning sounds in the kitchen. Now it’s quiet except for the rumbling of the laundry going with my sons camou in it that he wanted freshly watched for his 1st drill this weekend back home . My daughter getting ready for work . It’s 1:30 already I’m looking at the tv off and on as I write this … my daytime soap is on. Not getting into it as much today . Always days like this when you watch soaps🙄 The washing machine has stopped and now replaced with the roaring of the wind that has picked up. The sun is out and I did see some action in the nature department lol we had a Fox in our yard eating from our compost . He looked like a baby . It’s not a very clear picture. But you will get the adjust of this cutie without scarring him away. Our grass is not greening in yet from the long winter and our water in the fountain has finally melted so my hubby will soon clean it out put fresh water in and by then the ground will green up and the flowers will bloom around it. For now finishing the kitchen up. and enjoying the everyday comings and going of my family.🙂


Sick Day…

It’s Wednesday evening and a sick day at that… my daughter who I caught this from went to work at 9 this morning and was home an hour and a half later laying on the couch . While I was cozy well as much as I could be with the body aches siting in my chair but not before doing a sm load of laundry and just cleaned up the kitchen a bit or it would bother me🙄 ,as I cleaned up the kitchen I put the kettle on for two cups of tea for my daughter and I . Then one once settled with our tea she watched my daytime shows with me as she snoozed a bit ..oh how she looked comfortable ….I cannot sleep during the day believe me I triedto no avail I just closed my eyes and rocked in my chair .sipping my tea off and on. After got up and made a chop suey for supper. Nice and simple. And then back in my chair as my daughter was awake now we watched several episodes of reruns of The Middle. Loved that show .. so sad it ended last year such a family show but the most part was it was real . now supper is cleaned up my daughter down in her place and my husband taking her place on the couch watching the news.

What is it about nighttime when your sick you feel worse? Not fun…. my daughter not feeling well was lucky to have someone cover her shift at work tomorrow which is good so she can rest more freezing rain is coming in tonight until morning hours so she won’t have to be on the road is a good thing. especially with our long driveway that feels like a short country dirt road. Soo I think I will settle in bed with a book and try to read since my hubby and I’s favorite show well one of them is not coming back until March. Well I guess I will try to relax some more .