Long night…

After my guys watched their movie my son left to see some friends that were heading back to college today ..now that their Spring break is over. I really do not know why they wait until 9 at night to decide to get together . Did we do that at their age? I honestly can’t remember . I want to say no since I have no thought of it. Or age is settling in…. anyways he left and the house was quiet . Good thing .. bad thing .. don’t know I’ll let you know as summer approaches and the door swings open and close a bit more. He has only been home a week and out of the week he was in bed for two of them coming home sick.. even though he heads to the gym every morning and then a friend he gets together with for a bit that is going to a. college locally . He’s been pretty laid back . I want to say coming back this time after finishing Basic Training I think he’s matured some.but like I said will see by summer when all his friends are home. Plus is he will be working soon when construction sites open up for the season . Hopefully , he talks with the guy this week. Fingers crossed. Plus he will have his National Guard job one weekend a month and two drills this summer where he’s thinking he may have to go back to Missouri for one of them So he will be busy … after the house was quiet hubby and I went to bed . Well my hubby did I was wide awake . I decided to play a game on my phone and oh such a bad idea I was up and couldn’t find the two words I needed to finish the puzzle . Then my daughter arrived home and asked if I was up she forgot her house keys and boyfriend was driving so she didn’t bring her keys. My hubby heard my phone bing and that woke him (doesn’t take much lol) and unlocked the door . Now this was midnight . We chatted off and on through text after she went down to settle asking if her brother was home ? I said no she replied is that why your still up I said no I’m stuck on a crossword puzzle. Okay and maybe a bit of my son not home. I guess when he was at Basic this was the part I didn’t miss worrying where he was after midnight . But I I told myself in Basic he was doing things I do not want to know the half of .. know some, that I would not worry . But Mother’s worry. … at 1 I told my daughter I was going to get some sleep so we said goodnight and I laid there just thinking what where the two words I couldn’t figure out. My brain not being able to shut off.. around 1:30 I heard my son come home . Thankfully I wasn’t on my phone he would of saw the light and figure I was waiting up for him. I think when I finally settled in it was 2?ughh.. and then waking at 6 when the wind that was roaring hit against the house with a bang . I threw the blanket over my head and dozed off and on until 8:30 then gave up and went for a shower. Let’s say coffee tasted good and well needed.Tonight my hubby and I and maybe my son is coming . are going to a family members for supper and drinks and just spend time together. My daughter has to work until 8 tonight then will be with her boyfriend. I hope everyone has a good day and night themselves .



As you see I’m laying in the dark comfy though in my bed ,the house is quiet as the day was . Everything shut down and settled in bed all of us.. It was a calm quiet day as well even though all of us where home . It started with enjoying a cup of coffee with my hubby then a second cup with my daughter , as my son ran around in the kitchen making something for breakfast the sound of the blender and the decent of eggs frying coming from the kitchen . ..He’s back and with his special diet regimen . My hubby did step out for a bit and did the food shopping for me while I was decluttering the kitchen a bit more since it will be a new color and decor. While my daughter did some laundry and cleaned her place up. Then everything was quiet hubby was home groceries were put away . Daughter down in her place . My son sleeping ..out like a light . Exhausted. And not feeling well . As for me getting some dinner going a rotisserie chicken my hubby brought home from the market all set to eat ..so I made mashed potatoes with ranch seasoning in them . Some steamed corn . Nice and simple but hearty . My son ate with us . It was strange but so nice having us all together eating dinner together. Very rare. So I absorbed the moment. Because I know they won’t always be this way . Then my son went back to bed and hubby settled in our room to watch tv as my daughter and I enjoyed a show in the living room .so yes a very calm day but content and relaxed. So now on ward to Monday and a new week. Back to business tomorrow … more bills to be paid ,post office run, my kids hoping to get a Dr.’s appointment . And hubby back to work . Maybe I can sneak in a coffee run. Well it’s getting late and even though it’s really is only going on 10 but with the time change it going on 11 I guess it’s time to get some sleep . It was a late night last night so do not want another one. Goodnight everyone.


Usually Sundays are the calm quiet part of the weekend . This Sunday it isn’t , food shopping was so needed to be done ..oh don’t get me wrong ordering a pizza was so good last night especially a Taco pizza but it’s time to make some meals again. As we drove out of the parking lot I texted my daughter asking her if she wanted a coffee since hubby and I were grabbing one. The sad thing is I sent it to my son instead …😂he answered of course I do can you drive it to me ?🙄 I was like ohh I’m sorry wrong Child lol.. he said ,, it’s okay I got out yesterday had a Starbucks all good. I did send him a coffee. A GIF he like that. Thankfully food shopping went smoothly and quickly since my hubby isn’t feeling that great. But he wanted to go. Now the food is put away . Watching the Daytona 500 on tv . Use to be into it big time but not as much now. But it’s on so will give it a try. It’s a great reminder tho that Spring is on its way. The sun is out nice and bright even tho snow is coming in tonight about 3inches at least but the weather advisory’s going across the bottom of the tv screen makes me wonder if it’s going to be more especially when their stating there could be power outages …hubby is off , it’s a holiday on Monday. And my daughter so it can do whatever it wants.. So another lazy late night again . Tonight supper will be chicken pot pies with gravy on it and some cranberry sauce on the side . Nice and simple and comforting. Well time to do a few things around here and then I think I will try reading or coloring . Have a great Sunday everyone.

Sunday night already…

It’s Sunday night already .. even though it’s been a long week I can’t believe it’s Sunday and I still feel down.. doesn’t help that not being active and feeling uncomfortable I’m not sleeping well . I think I may have kicked this faster if I had some decent sleep . Laying in bed at midnight night wide awake and not feeling bad at all then finally falling asleep after 1 or more waking up the next morning exhausted . And then a long day down again .. vicious cycle. I’ve watched so much tv but the best was today . I cozied up with a blanket and a cup of tea in my chair and enjoyed an oldie but goodie the movie An Officer and a gentleman. Oh the tears I cried at the end I’m such sappy thing 😂 I love a good romantic movie as much as a romance book. My daughter actually enjoyed it as well hubby watched off and on but took moments of laying in bed, fearing that he is coming down with our sickness ..feeling feverish so that’s not good. I texted with my son off and on more today . He is ready to be done with the Ait part of Basic Training about 3 weeks left aand he will be flying home. So we chatted about jobs when he gets home along with his National Guard Reserves job . And anxiously waiting to hear back from the colleges he as applied too , will see. Now watching the Red Carpet for The Grammys. See how long I last . I like some of the music. And performers but after awhile it gets a bit much. It’s getting started so I guess I will chat a little with my son before he has to be off his phone for the night and enjoy the Grammys with my daughter.and maybe the hubby’s unless he goes to bed early so he can work tomorrow . He is the lucky one he can sleep anytime and anywhere . Wish I had that problem🙂

Holiday Week..

Thanksgiving was Thursday a nice day with my family but with one missing this yr.. yes my son, thankfully he was able to call home it was a quick call but as least we could hear his voice . He sounded good it cracked here and there when he said he loved us . Time is moving faster now , he has 3 weeks left until graduation . He will be extra busy . That is s good thing he does better when he is busy. Then he is able to come home for a short bit until going back to finish his other training.. at least we will be able to see him. Christmas is coming so fast it’s unbelievable… it’s Saturday already Thanksgiving come and gone . My Christmas list is short this year but that is okay I honestly do not want anything but my family together. That is all that matters to me . I’m only needing to buy little things as well since my kids get whatever they want . I think it’s not going to be so much of a material thing this year which is nice.. it shouldn’t be that way. It should be more about the people in our live ..we can all agree on that I’m sure.

I just finished writing my son a letter ..I know soon they will say to stop. It’s been nice writing them , not fun waiting for him to get them but when he finally does he writes back consistently . I know I’m going to cherish those letters forever this journey we all have been on with him. I believe he will cherish ours as well. While at our Thanksgiving celebration my niece showed me a game she plays on her phone . It’s called Crossy Road. It’s kind of like Frogger if anyone remembers or knows of the game. It’s fun but hard and at times frustrating (hahaha) but then again aren’t most games? It’s time consuming I will admit that as well. So in between keeping up the house then decorating for Christmas , I’ve been playing this game.🙄 I should be reading honestly . I’d probably settle at night easier. I will start up with my book after the weekend is over. So yes decorations are up . Christmas shopping soon.

I’m still trying to figure out starting a journal now that I love writing so much again with a pen and paper that sounds strange.. but it’s true how times have changed typing on a computer keyboard or texting love ones and friends. but how to separate the journaling and my blogging . I do clear my head on here, hmm need a balance … so that’s my question how to separate the two and get the enjoyment out of both? Anyone have any advice? Would love some. For now I think I will go settle say some prayers for my family and friends and especially my son and then get some sleep goodnight .


Hi everyone .. I know I haven’t been posting as much . Just haven’t had any interesting things to post about this week . Been busy with family obligations and the weekend has flew by . Was up at 6 this morning to attend my husbands Grandmothers funeral . In her 90″s she lived a long good life. So it was a long day. I decided after being at the gathering for the food part for a bit to leave with my daughter who needed to get laundry done so she would have work clothes . My hubby and son stayed a bit longer.

As my daughter was doing her laundry we watched some episodes of a show we watch on Netflix’s . Then around 7 tonight. We turned to regular tv . My daughter was randomly flicking through the channels came across a movie that had just started .. ok a bit strange but do you ever just get caught up sitting there and know this movie maybe lame hahaha but you just keep watching ? Well next thing we know the movie has ended and it’s been 2hrs that have instantly gone by. Her and I just looked at each other and just laughed ..yes we laughed my hubby came out of the bedroom and heard us laughing and shaking his head in good humor . and Said well for such a lame movie you watched the whole thing. . Call it brain fog hahaha. . That was my evening. Now everyone’s settled in both kids work tomorrow as well as hubby and we are all tired from this day , I guess it’s time to get some sleep as well Goodnight 🙂