The Little Things..

Life should be all about the little things, I’ve never asked or wanted much . Growing up in a small town being brought up in a family where on summer nights we sat around the hibachi …yes I said that 🙂 that’s what we used then to grill hotdogs and hamburgs yes it took some time with only being able to fit about two items at a time on it ,but that was okay because my sisters and cousins and I would run around in the yard with bare feet ..feeling the grass under neath them playing hide n seek or running through the sprinkler. Catching firefly’s when the night set in . Then the feeling of contentment and security when going to bed at night and being warm and cozy under my blankets, knowing my parents were just in the next room. Yes life changes as we grow some good some bad , it’s life , now I have my own family and it’s not always been easy but once again this is life. We make the best of it we cherish our love ones we do the best and be the best we can be . What I cherish is the little things … here is what I cherish :

My coffee in the morning .

Days spent getting coffee with my daughter.

The honest sincere talks with my son.

My sons hugs ( he gives the best hugs)

The way my husbands face lights up when he laughs and smiles.

Weekend backroad rides in the country with my husband.

The late night talks or laughs with my daughter about random things.

The sunsets at night through my window.

The feel of the sun upon my face when I’m sitting on my deck

Enjoying sitting on our deck staring at the stars .

Wishing on a shooting star .

Most of all : Hearing the laughter of my children through out the house when we are all together. ❤️

Life goes by so fast It may have it’s up and downs but one thing I know it’s all worth it. This is in memory of and written and so thought of more how the little things are all that should matter …since finding out that their was a town resident that has … had a beautiful family and he was killed this week in a snowmobile accident 😥 he leaves his wife and 3 children and many many …. friends . So make the memories cherish the moments love your love ones . And remember the little things. ❤️


It’s been a simple day . The temperature outside was just bitterly cold ,what sun we had didn’t do to much to warm it up any. I took advantage of it and decided to stay in no running into town needed to be done and thankfully was able to renew my library books online. I did some dusting and a small load of towels easy enough . Spent the day chatting with my daughter as we went about things around the house until she had to leave for work. Yesterday I received two letters in the mail from my Son. I read them once again after my daughter had left for work and the house was quiet . In all the letters he has written he has stated several times how the simple things are what matters the most and family… it’s a funny thing what happens when your phone is taken away and you have a lot of time to think and realize what matters.. Basic training is defiantly an adjustment . I wonder if back in the day before cell phones were created if thinking or thoughts were as deep ? When people went into the service and had time on their hands before it got busy we are all constantly looking at our phones it’s a wonder if we really think of anything of importance as much . It’s going on midnight and I just finish writing a letter back to my son. I must say with each letter I write my handwriting is improving ( hahaha) I’ve been noticing that. Loving this just wish the mail was a bit faster . I guess somethings do not change. Needing to start that journal still deciding on a regular journal for my thoughts or a prayer journal I keep reading about. Another thing to do … well I’m looking at the time and it midnight should call it a day and say my prayers and get some sleep . Started writing late tonight . So now another late night.which is fine .

Relaxing …

The house is quiet my sons friends all went home the kitchen is clean thanks to my hubby ..and now we are all relaxing my son watching a movie no exams for him tomorrow he did them today and then Fri he has some so that’s good he can relax my hubby and I are relaxing in bed, I’m enjoying my book and he is watching tv ..was hoping he would read but that’s okay the book will be there on his shelf.

Like I’ve said in my past posts he’s not a reader I just pushed it hoping it would help him to relax but that will not be he what relaxes him by running and hiking is it where I cannot with my hip . But it’s all good . We just have our own thing what relaxes me is writing reading and coloring. Yes I would love to hike and run , I use to be able to but as I got older and had kids it’s not easy and that’s okay because I’m lucky to have been able to have kids and that is the greatest gift and sacrifice. When they where younger I was younger so I was able to do a lot with them and it was perfect to be able , now their older and I’m older and my job has lesson as well as my body of doing a lot of things. what I can do is sit and watch my sons track meets well In the spring more seating available the indoor winter meets my hubby goes and messages me. I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my oldest my daughter and I love to chat with our coffee and go to a book store and get our books. I can make supper for my family and my hubby cleans up and then we settle and watch our favorite shows or movies so it’s taught me one thing getting older and having no choice but to slow down that it’s not a bad thing that the most simplest things are just as important if more then the bigger things and when my house is filled with my kids friends and their filling the quiet with laughter and loud music and messing my kitchen up making food that is what I call a special moment . Life isn’t always easy but it’s good and it’s how you look at it and that is what life should be about not what and how much you have material wise but how many special moments you make and have to look back on .


Life…. Should be lived one day at a time ,and we should never take anything or anybody for granted we should always be grateful for what we have and cherish the people in our lives its not about how many things we have or how much money we make its about being with the ones you love and their happiness , that is what I believe , because life is just too short.❤️