Nightly reading..

It’s been such a rainy and hot humid summer that it hasn’t been too pleasant to sit outside . We really haven’t cooked out as much as well. Thankfully we were able to tolerate some bonfires this past weekend. This summer has brought me back into the reading mode. I’m thankful for that. I’m enjoying my nights during the week when there’s nothing planned and it’s just settling in so I can relax and read. I’ve managed to finish three books since the middle of summer which doesn’t seem like a lot but they have been big book,s especially Stephen Kings The Outsider was a good size book. I’m half way through the book I am reading right now . Will see when the TV shows come back on in a couple of weeks from summer break how it goes , there is a couple of new shows coming out that I’m interested in. Then there’s my favorites too. I’m thinking between my shows it will be a good balance so I’ll still be reading just as much. Well I think I’ll read a couple of more chapters then call it a night.


Laughing! YouTube ..

when it’s 10:30 at night and your wide awake because the house is too hot what do you do…. hmm you watch funny YouTube videos of animals sneezing or rubber chicken noises trying to make people laugh,, yes strange I know but so funny … and at 10:30 you could laugh about anything ..,, 😂 the last couple of months have been so routine serious ..stressful with college apps exams moody 17 yr old ,it’s nice to be laughing about stupid innocent videos especially with my daughter we can get laughing and not stop .. I can see now how people can get hooked on YouTube watching these silly videos, well no harm in that felt good to laugh until my stomach hurt from laughing so much , it was well over do 😀 I felt like my old self again I use to laugh all the time and goof and just was silly ,,,, fun actually but this past school yr had me a bit overwhelmed . Things are calming down and now I’m finding the humor in things again. My daughter I think enjoyed it . This is the relationship we have where we can laugh about stupid things she can talk to me about anything . So different then my son and I he is very serious and is not ready to think of me as the silly fun figure yet I’m mom that’s about it . Now my other half well he just goes along because he’s like my son a bit serious and he knows when to just let my daughter and I carry on (hahaha) laughter such a great thing !


Hi Everyone it’s Monday night this day went by as fast as the weekend. It was a nice morning sitting at our kitchen table enjoying my coffee with both my kids . Chatting about whatever came up. It was a nice moment then my son left for school and my daughter and I went about the house cleaning what needed to be attend too. Then we got ready to go to the garage to see about some tires for her car and after she treated me to a coffee . We sat and chatted for awhile in a place some people may find uncomfortable , unusual , we have always found it peaceful quiet most defiantly quiet unless it’s a windy day and you can hear the wind blowing the trees overhead or if it’s warm and the car windows are down you feel the slight breeze touch your face gently or feel the warmth of the sun with the beautiful sky above . Okay I will say where it is the cemetery .. yes I said the cemetery there’s no one to judge you , no traffic .. and our love ones are there so we go there and check on things but stay and chat ,laugh which I think our love ones would not have a problem with. . Like I said no one to judge you there. Yes there are other places we have but this is just one of them and where we went today. It’s peaceful . Do you have an unusual place you find peaceful?


There’s two things in my kitchen I love the most well 3 one  my kitchen table because that’s where we have the best family chats and laughs . Two  our coffee maker because I’m a coffee lover and three my crockpot love this  item more then words can say…. It’s  one of the best things invented , I use this thing all the time it’s a no fail for  tender potroasts and the tasty soups especially chicken and dumplings . I love how you can just let it cook away and within hours supper is done . How many of you use one ? I know it was a big thing back in the 70’s 80’s not as much now . …..but that’s okay as long as they make them I’m using them . The potroasts is almost done and the house smells delicious.🙂

Rainy Sunday ….

It’s a rainy dark Sunday ,the rain has not let up much since we woke up this morning so my husband and I did the food shopping and the houses is clean so we are relaxing now .My husbands watching sports and I decided it was time to pull out the adult coloring book this is what I have done so far I’m amazed how much I enjoy this . Some people love it or hate it yes it’s not for everyone but for me it is🙂

My New Intrests…

So this has been my stress /relax thing  to do the last couple of days .. especially today on this rainy cold July day… I tried reading but couldn’t focus on it so I’ve been watching this oldie but good tv show yes MASH love  it my hubby as well and during the commercials. playing this game bubble pop so addicting just as bad as bejeweled I use to play. But if it gives me a break from worrying about things I can’t do anything about then why not . There are worse things to do so I guess this is a good thing . It’s  10 at night and everyone’s settled in and so I guess I will too so time to shut the game off for now and let the sound of the rain drft me of to sleep. Goodnight everyone.