As I laid in bed last night wide awake at midnight one word echo’s in my mind WHY?? a word that could have so many unexplained  unfair sad answers or maybe no answers at all some asking why can be petty reasons but for ever reason could it be a right answer is there a right answer anymore? hmm truly hope so. I bet there is one would know the answers …God.. or would he?sometimes I feel like we are so out of touch with him and he looks down on us and he see’s all this hatred the dark path that people are are walking down and he is shaking his head. If we do not get off this path can he will he help us ? it’s a bothering question. I know today is Good Friday and Jesus suffered and died on the cross for us for our sins. I do not know about you but what Jesus did for us makes me want to be a better person, a good person and I hope this Good Friday will make this possible for all of of  us since there is so much more hatred in this world. I  know this is a a request that at this point is so unrealistic,but one can only hope.