Heat wave…

Spent first day of this intense heat at home inside. My son rode his bike as my hubby drove his truck to my brother in-laws house to swim. Can you say CRAZY ! while my daughter and I enjoyed the air conditioning until she had to head to work for 3. I kept busy and it was nice , quiet and I was able to get some reading done . My son arrived home about two hours after going to say how hot it was riding his bike , the air coming back to him did nothing he said it was so thick . He had to work tonight but I still do not think he would of stayed long … now my hubby left at 12:30 arrived home at 8 tonight fried and sick sleeping on the couch . Who does the award go to for being wise? ME! I was the smart one. You can’t tell anyone anything. So now to get through the next 2 days of this heat wave. I’m going to keep reading. I do not know if I’ll make it through this Stephen King book . It’s a bit confusing . If you miss one sentence you missed a clue. 🙄 I’m on pg 59 and this has taken forever to get to this. It’s good but just a lot you have to focus on.

It was so hot today didn’t see any wildlife in the yard. My beautiful fox no where to be found. Pretty quiet out there. Well it’s getting late going call it a day goodnight everyone.

Taking in the sun..

It’s a sunny warm day . Shall I add quiet into it? it’s always how it is..enjoying sometime on the deck taking in the beautiful sun. After the oddest thing this morning .. I’m still laughing about it. Telling my daughter about it as she enjoyed her morning coffee with me before she went to work .I had her Keeling over in laughter. Let me start with if you read my past posts I have stated, posted photos of the wild turkeys in my yard. Well this Spring there has.. is an abundance of them roaming throughout our woods, the front and back yard. Every morning sometimes in the after noon but for the most part morning and evening. Anyways so I came out of the shower wrapping myself in a towel and straight ahead of me there is a small window that faces the back of the house into the woods so no one is going to see me plus the screen is tinted so it makes it look just dark looking in ..well I look out and there looking in at a little distance has their neck stretched out and so I’m basically eye to eye with a turkey 🙄 now he can’t see me (hahaha) not worried but it’s the fact it’s staring straight at me . I think it heard the shower running. I just shook my head and called out to it …what are you looking at ? And the thing just walked away . My daughter as I’m telling her said well I wondered who you were talking to I did hear you say something and I knew it wasn’t me you were talking to because you never knew I was upstairs. What do you know as I’m sitting out here it’s 5:30 in the evening. Yes started writing this earlier when the sun was shining and it was warm but now the clouds are moving in blocking the sun a bit making it a little cool out . I’ve had to keep stopping to write this between phone calls , my son coming home asking me questions my daughter texting me, and then my hubby coming home talking as well . Not quiet any more. 🙂 And as I’m sitting here the turkeys have made their way back into our yard taking their evening stroll through . And not caring that I’m sitting out here. Crazy birds.

Out our window…

This Evening this boy came to visit once again . He has been showing up every other night one of the boys( coyote) Miss Abigail was walking around uneasy I believe she sensed him . Thankfully she is an indoor cat. The sad part the Fox was in the yard as well it puffed up a bit we thought there would be a fight but the Fox decided to not challenge the boy and ran away . I’m hoping this guy doesn’t over due his welcome and keeps the Fox away because as beautiful as this guy is I would rather have the foxes around instead. the photo is a bit blurry this boy hears everything so no way of getting a clearer pic without him running away.



So we found out that Miss Abigail is afraid of the sound of owls if you read last night’s post we thought the boy’s …coyote where howling figured it out it was owls. Miss Abigail was hiding its strange because the boy’s do not scare her so it was strange to see this reaction. My daughter came home a little bit after and I didn’t think to warn her of the noise…she heard but something different because she told us when she got out of her car and was walking  up to the door she heard branches cracking in the woods and dropped everything in her hands getting in the door the  wildlife was out and about more then usual and there wasn’t even a full moon.  A strange night. Indeed  It should be quiet tonight because it’s a rainy cool one things should be settled in and staying warm and dry. Will see.

A beautiful sight!

Today our friend came back , she was roaming around our woods and front yard during the fall time . My daughter and I where driving up our driveway yes up our driveway is like a small country road I will have to post a photo sometime. So as we are  driving she pasts  in front of us thankfully a good space away and went  into the edge of our woods we stopped to get a picture .she was beautiful she just stood their wagging her little tail and happily staring at us there was no fear in her eyes I think he knew she was safe.  I can’t tell you how long we sat there admiring her this beautiful animal God   created and blessed us with her presence again it seems she made  our home hers for the moment because as of this evening she is still roaming and eating on our land and staring as the kids coming  and goings in there cars. This amazing beautiful doe. we are so happy to have her back she brings a good energy with her .I hope she stays around a bit longer .