Out my window..

After a night sitting around a roaring fire with family enjoying good food , drinks , and much laughter and singing ( hahaha) read my earlier post about that 🙂 I did the struggle after settling down well after 1 … I woke at 6 ughh… threw the pillow over my head and fell back to sleep waking up at 9 so I guess it was time the pull myself out of bed and grab some well needed coffee before heading to the shower .. Im sit in the living room looking at the rain coming down as I’m enjoying my coffee and the news , I can’t believe the change from last night stars in the sky a beautiful fire, warm temps to 57 temps dark and rainy ,wind blowing and top it off my favorite weather lady “s last day on our channel .. I know what your thinking what ?? is she kidding ? ( hahaha) but sorry I’m not and I’m okay (hahaha) it’s just when you get use to someone on your favorite news show .. ok lame but sadly I’m just this simple 🙂 I guess one more cup of coffee is needed to start this day. Food shopping it is and then who knows maybe a good book or some Netflix after…



So I’m keeping myself busy you will know what I mean if you read my last post hahaha I was hanging laundry in one of my spare rooms well I should call it a whatever room its chaotic okay that is for another day believe me… so I was hanging wet clothes and I look out the window and my Crab Apple tree just over night it seems has become even more beautiful the flowers are the most vibrate pink.. red color I have ever seen it. I just put down the laundry and just stared at it , its so breath taking the photo does not do half the justice it deserves .I just couldn’t help sharing. ..and yes taken from inside through the window actually  it came out better then I thought figuring  it was taken through a window. well enjoy. 🙂


Different View


I love this window… usually I sit to the side of it in my comfy chair and I write , read , do adult coloring because its so bright and sunny and warm  So lately Miss Abigail as decided she likes my chair so she is taking a nice afternoon nap in it and I am sitting on the couch and I am head on now with the window and I guess I should thank her hahaha the view is even more beautiful and the sun is bright and I still can feel the warmth of the sun. I guess sometimes looking at things in a different angle is a good thing .We sometimes get so custom to looking at things in the same way that we loose sight of what we could be missing . nice to shake things up a bit . even if its just looking out my window in a different view can make you think.


This is where I enjoy my first morning cup of coffee looking out this window ..and everything always looks the same but it’s not ,life changes in a blink of an eye everything  feels so different. My kids have grown up my life  has come less chaotic and  quieter well some times if my son and his friends are here:) My loving little buddy my pups has gone over the Rainbow bridge no more by my side but   forever in my heart  he will be.. but  I miss him so much .I know it’s only been two weeks but  the heartbreak is still so fresh and that leaves me one less needed and busy. So as I sit here looking out I reflect on this past year, it’s been a sad and crazy one for a lot of people the world is getting a lot less safer the violence is so unbearable the attacks around the world.. to people just less kinder  to nasty tragedies in our little Town  .  I know .. life is constantly changing just the way of life but some of the the changes are not positive no matter how positive we try to be…..  some days does anyone wish it would slow down just a bit so we can catch up and breath and try to find a silver lining some where in all of this chaos? I do . So I sit here with my coffee and enjoy the sunrise shining in and know that I have this to look forward too and wish for better things in this world .20160302_170649-1