Super Bowl !

Today is Super Bowl Sunday!watching the pre shows hubby is enjoying a beer and nacho’s while the Chili is simmering in the crockpot the house smells delicious the sun is shining nice and bright into the house love when I can open the front door it just makes the realization that Spring is coming🙂, made a cake now just need to make my buttercream frosting , always taste good after eating chili , I have wings but thinking we are good. Unless my daughter wants them when she arrives home from work. I’ve spent some time out on my deck snapping pics for my son and sending them to him he loves seeing pics of home. After I just leaned on the rail closed my eyes and let the sun shine on my face ahh the feeling was amazing. I really can’t say how long I stood there . It was nice to be outside. The breeze picked up sending a bit of a chill my way I decided it was time to head inside . My hubby and I are now laughing at some of the commercials already . And the interviews of the football players. Rams and the Patriots two great teams. This will be fun! The other part I look forward to is the Puppy Bowl. Defiantly need to watch them. It’s nice the pups that play are all up for adoption so it’s gets them some coverage . To find a forever home. I think it’s time to make my frosting soon the chili will be ready . Good my stomach is growling .🙂

Resolutions ..

Well another year coming to an end.. this year went by quick. I’m ready it’s whatever .. I just want to get back to the norm hubby needs to go back to work he’s getting bored .. my son flys out Thurs and I believe he is ready too . I am and have loved having him home but it’s exhausting watching his comings and goings with his friends . He needs to get back into a routine. My daughter pretty much is back to her routine, working , boyfriend , friends. Same ol but it’s tolerable . So all I hear is resolutions .. hmm I do not make any.I do not believe in it . Yes a new year a new fresh start but I will say I will just do better saving money , having more me time and stop feeling like I have to fix everything or make people happy.. need to step back . So changes is what I’m calling it. I want to start journaling and writing more, so I’m thinking I will concentrate on this a bit more as well. so we will see . I think some wine is in order soon for me .

New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Everyone I hope everyone has safe and happy one. I am going to sit back eat  some   Chinese Food and  enjoy some glasses of wine and reflect on this past year and what a year it was so many unimaginable losses but at the same time many new happy experiences  My Son making it too Junior Olympics in Sacramento California for a week He got his drivers learners permit.  ,, but then like I said many unimaginable losses, life loves doing that to us   never a dull moment but I guess it’s away to keep us on our toes which to me is a bad joke. I am so ready to say goodbye to this year but not what I am leaving behind with it beautiful pup bitter sweet had him for 6 beautiful yrs  and lost him this year the beginning of this month. but in my heart I will carry him into the New Year but hopefully the sadness of his loss doesn’t follow but Gives me the chance to bring in the beautiful and so many of beautiful memories of him and when I think of him in 2017 I want to smile not tear up….will see easier said then done .Something strange happen tonight we put up our  our tree and its been up for about three weeks so tonight on the last night it will be up the lights are blinking now .okay to me its just strange and actually my husband was puzzled by it.. okay I believe in signs so it puzzles me some say ahh it just happens but on New Years Eve well that’s timing . what do You think?  Well time for Chinese and wine everyone enjoy and stay safe .