Wondering why..

the evening is here and no sunset the clouds moved in hiding away the sun . So I saw this photo and thought it was soothing. I’m sitting here watching the news and shaking my head …. why are things the way they are ?why do things feel so upside down ? why do we believe we are making this a better world with all our protesting for this or that . When all I see is when I was back in high school except worse, and we are forming sad hurtful cliques . But the cliques are about us all agreeing with one another having none of our own opinions likes ..well we can but it will come with a price .. lashing back with harsh words , violence, yes this is our better world this is making progress .. hmm do you see it. Shaking my head I wonder what my parents would of thought of all this if they where still here. I’m sure their looking down from the heavens above and shaking their heads too. This new generation has some things a bit mixed up. We need more love more kindness … more morals and more fairness and so much less judgement. And hate We need to be able to respect what others believe in even if we do not agree ,without worrying about the consequence . Can we ? Maybe someday. Just maybe ….


Always wondering…

So it’s 9:30 on a Thurs night and the storms have passed for the time being. Oh wait now it souns like a monsoon out there where did this rain come from… I’m laying  here in the dark on my phone  playing the game bubble pop and for the life of me can’t get past level 32, two days so far …why did I even think to start playing  this game . ūüôā It’s so addictting . So any how I’m laying her playing thinking of how we are  all settled in for once… hmm nope my son asks if he can drive into town and see his two best buddies hmm okay I could I should say no but well soon school will be here and he will be home  at night his friends will head back to college soon so I say yes … and said be back by curfew one of his buddies moms owns a fudge / candy ice cream store so they sit there after it’s close and eat ice cream and talk well what I’ve been told . Small town so if he is not telling the truth I will find our. Parenting is not an easy thing. In all the parenting books they do not warn you that there will be a lot of worry and wondering and that you become a detective as well. Yes the perk of being a parent . So I guess it’s more bubble pop untill my son gets home unless I fall asleep but that is rare when he is out I usually stay up . Well hope everyone has a goodnight you know what I’m doing


So I believe ¬†the last time I was on was Monday…hmm let’s ¬†see that Is basically two days ago why does it seem so much longer then that…I guess my mind has been occupied , errands appointments and life what does that mean well let’s see keeping things moving along even though you feel like your the only one doing that and everyone else around you is just going to expect that you do ¬†but they ¬†do their own thing and you just want to throw your hands up and say okay I’m on strike …and let ¬†them just deal with supper ..wash not worry if your kids school is falling apart because they don’t it will be fine I quote ..but sadlyyou do .let supper and wash be their thing because hmmm would it get done for you ? Yeah I’m tired of living ¬†like everything ¬†is the same as when we started this family ¬†and it’s not the kids have grown my daughter an adult my son about 17 and everyone including myhubby has grown so why am I feeling like ‘ m in the same spot and go by the same routine ¬†because ¬†is that what mothers still do ¬†when your kids grow up and do this ¬† or is it me ? I have been doing a lot of thinking and I think I’m afraid to embrace the change even though I feel I’m ready …does that make since? Hmm still have some thinking to do.

Hmm this is all I Have…

Oh boy this is going to be a long night. lets see my Son has been home long enough to eat dinner and tell his dad and I his day at school and practice if that… lets see our front door as had comings and goings with in the last hour of teenage boys including my son .I am thinking its not a homework night we will see. I trust them their all good kids just so hard keeping track I think it will be a texting night of where are you? before the evening is over . Now¬† my husband and I sit.. yes myself on the computer and him watching The wheel of fortune he loves that game show I can’t believe it still exists.¬† He started watching it again when one day him and my son where flipping through channels and they came upon it and my son challenged his father that he could get most of the puzzles right, I’m telling¬† you this happens all the time in my house with these guys…..yes sometimes it makes me a bit crazy but its all in good fun. I am waiting for shows to come on in a bit and that will be my husband and I cozy under our blankets in our bedroom with our pups faithfully sleeping at the end of the bed … hmmm at one time it was my husband myself and both of my kids at the end of our bed all covered up watching TV¬† with us,. then¬† my daughter after the shows where over she would tiredly walk with my¬† guidance to her room and my husband carring our son to his bed because he always feel asleep, now it’s replaced with me in bed watching our shows but my husband and I eyeing the time and myself texting my son in all capital letters GET HOME NOW!!!¬† it works. Oh a Mother;s job never done. I guess I will go settle and we will see if its going to be that kind of night…. Good Night Everyone.

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