just finished food shopping and setting up with my hubby’s and son for his Birthday get together . He’s having his closes friends over for Hamburg’s hotdogs , s’mores , cake , a bonfire. The Corn hole game is set up (hahaha) the name always makes me laugh but the kids as well as adults love this yard game . It’s a interesting game . As I sit on my swing waiting for the time for people to show I’m amazed that I can hear the acorns already dropping in our woods. It doesn’t help that we have noticed the sun is setting a bit earlier the past couple of weeks too . It just doesn’t seem possible . Winters are long and summers are short …. just sad . Yes I do like the cooler nights it’s easier for sleep. I guess we can’t have it all ūüôā before you know it it will be a cup of hot tea kind of nights. Take it as it comes what else can you do.. anyways it could be a long night will have kids sleeping out in tents if the rain holds off if not it’s going to be the living room floor.


Sunday Drive!

My hubby knew I was feeling under the weather but asked if I wanted to take a ride and see how much snow had accumulated I’n the towns around us . I said yes that would be relaxing so we went it was nice we chatted as we looked at all the snow that was out in the woods in those towns ,then we went further and by the time we where done we had been driven for two hours it was nice . I love the pictures I captured . We do not have all this snow where we live it’s been melting since the day it fell. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Good Morning ! Enjoying my coffee and happily another morning of sometime with my son, he’s not a big talker well not at home at school he is but that’s always the way when your a teenager. He had good run may have made it to All States will find out today he missed it by a second in one race that he ran. Very proud of him.

Back tracking : last night when he arrived home , if you read my last post he had a track meet 3hrs away ,my hubby and I couldn’t make it so we waited for him to come home my hubby caved into sleep , of course I was up bed but awake. He arrived after midnight and I heard him come in so I looked down our hall and could see him peeking out the door …hmm I’m like what is he doing ? Next minute he shuts the door locked it turned the kitchen light off and walking faster then normal down the hall to his room he spots me looking at him he says “oh your awake I’m scared” I’m like what! He tells me that as he got out of the car and walking up to our house he heard this screaming crying howling noise I’m like oh the boys are out (coyotes) I call them the boys. I asked if they where in our woods he said that he was trying to figure that out but wasn’t sure he said close ..maybe ?The most eerie sound of the wild to hear if their hunting it sends chills up your spine . After that I just let him get some sleep. and I did as well . Then this morning it was just him and I before he went to school so that was nice . Like I said before ,few and far between the moments with him. Now all is quiet everyone’s at work and school and I’m catching up on the news.. sad once again today .. my heart is breaking for all those angels and their families In Florida .ūüė• never take any thing or anyone for granted that is why even if I have only moments here and there with my children who are always on the go I will take that . It’s all special to me . So hug your kids tell them you love them everyday.‚̧ԳŹ with that it’s time to get busy myself do somethings around the house . Have a great day everyone.

Night Noises…

Tonight I have this strange feeling , almost an uneasy feeling maybe its because the temps have dropped dramaticlly¬† so one I’m freezing and its making my head feel out of it .or maybe it was the the little talk my son and I had and it did not turn out to well it not sitting well with me. …but that is for another day…anyways we had the living room window open a bit¬†¬† for Miss Abagail she loves looking out at night and listening to the peepers¬† are they loud tonight they have been half the day ..isn’t that unusual for them to be out during the day? My husband and I where relaxing in the living room watching TV when we both looked at one another and he turned the TV down. My husband was like did you hear that It was a whistle sound¬† okay as much as I did not want to agree I did it was so eerie. I told him the other night while we where sleeping well he was I was trying too I heard that same noise at first I thought it was him he can make some weird noises in his sleep he laughed at the remark. but it wasn’t when I heard it again It sent chills up my spine and I pulled the covers up closer to my head,,,, but then it was gone .I hate night sounds especially when your house is surrounded by woods. Does anyone know if there is a bird or animal that makes that strange whistle noise at night. It’s just so unusual for us we have never heard that before.

Photo Monday….

20170327_132730       20170327_132734(1)  My Photo Monday  this week is of my world . Spring thawing even though it was a dreary  off and on rainy day it was nice to get out and grab a coffee and take a ride . the ponds and woods are thawing out from this long winter and soon the woods will be beautiful and green and Warm yes warm cannot wait.  Ready for Spring ! enjoy my photos.

Photo Monday!!!


This past weekend my husband and I took a ride around our area and the photos are of my world .The 1st photo is of a unique little house that is sheltered by the woods, we have always called it The real life doll house ..and yes people do live there. The 2nd photo is the scenery that  we are able to enjoy everyday not to far from where we live a place you can go and just relax and think of good things. I hope you enjoy.20161112_13060720160530_1407011

Photo Monday!!!

This library is in walking distance of my home a beautiful walk at that through my beautiful woods. It was built in 1918 and all build from boulders it’s a very serene little place that is a two room space of shelves of laughter, history romance, sadness sad stories, informational. Adults and children love this little library and I myself. enjoy my Monday photo.20160306_145315