Night has appeared like an old friend once again. Comforting, mysterious warm but a chill that seems to echo through my body and thoughts. As the night makes me feel free and safe you make me feel as well. Your voice calms me as calm as a warm summer night your voice in the darkness comforts me like a warm blanket as the night comforts the stars and the moon. I need to feel your arm around me. I know when I do I will never want to let them go As the stars and the moon need the night I need you.

Just writing ..Thoughts..

The clouds drift slowly in the darkening sky my soul feels as if it’s drifting along with them .My eyes are open wide watching focusing on their every. movement as my mind drifts back as well to words that have been said and cannot be taken back. I know you meant well but like fire, I set ablaze to every word you spoke. I should have stopped myself but somethings are just said. My heart bleeds for your soft voice to whisper in the dark and tell me it’s okay … but I know you won’t I know the words are still stinging. Why is love so hard sometimes .Why do we hurt the people we love . People say I have this fire in me. Oh how to control it before it burns everything down around me.


The shadows are so dark but so inviting. Why am I so drawn to them? I wait for the darkness to come so the shadows cast a magical glow over the darkening trees and freshly fallen snow. The cold is numbing. My feet making their way through it as the shadows around me grow darker. I know I should turn back but I can’t I need to find the end to these darken shadows a reflection possibly of my thoughts. Why so many why do they tempt me to tread through them? The cold chills my face but there is no turning back. I need answers and I know they’re in the shadows or are they?

Writing.. Random thoughts..

The brightness of the full moon casts a shadow like a halo around it the wind screams. As a child having a tantrum . But in the distance, I can still hear the rumble of the train and it’s whistle that cries out through the cold night like a wounded animal. The scene is eerie sending a chill through my body. But the night is still like an old friend to me. I embrace the darkness. As I walk the window blows my hair against my face tickling my cheeks. I keep walking letting the coldness numb my thoughts. At least hoping it will. These endless thoughts need some answers but there is none to be found so numbness will do. As I walk a stray empy can rolls by me I go to pick it up but the wind is quicker than I am. I hear it hit against something in the darkness. I cannot see what it is. I keep walking. Letting the light of the moon guide my way. To where I do not know I just keep walking letting my thoughts slowly get numb so I do not have to think. Relief from them for a bit is all I can ask for.

Writing … thoughts

The night calls to me like a long lost friend. The darkness fills my soul as light would. I can hear the sound of my heartbeat as I walk through the darkened woods only shadows of light from the moon lightening my way. I walk endlessly not sure what I am searching for. Will I know when I find it? I keep walking my steps getting slower and my heart beating faster am I close. But to what? So many questions that need answers to. So many memories reflecting back to me. Is that where I will find what I’m searching for?

My life..

Good morning it’s a quiet Sunday so far. The sun is shining bright the wind that is blowing is clearing away the clouds to let in the beautiful blue sky. I’m sitting here eating a late breakfast and enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day. I actually fell asleep around 11 last night. And that is after giving into enjoying a nice hot cup of London fog. Around 9 I had expected I would be up half the night. Shockingly no. Then a lazy morning it was. I know I needed it but I honestly feel so much better on less sleep. I may get my wish tonight. After so much sleep. Friday night I spent out with a girlfriend of mine we met up around 4 in the afternoon for dinner and I arrived home around 11. 7 hours of none stop conversation and laughter. And if she didn’t have have a longer distance to drive then I. We would have talked longer. I always know that once we get out together I will be out for a while. Nothing like talking about everything but really nothing at all if that makes sense? My son is that way as well. We have both realized we are alike we love people being out laughing. And yes we do like our quiet times too. But we are social. I think that’s why he and I can have our differences and then moments or maybe a day later just look at one another and start laughing and realize how ridiculous it was. I hope he and I always stay that way. The wind went from just blowing to a roaring. Bringing in the cold air or something. I guess it’s time to finish my coffee and I’m sure not the last one of the day and get some things done. Need to keep moving.

Writing,… Random thoughts.

The dark is upon us; the moon fights to show its appearance. The clouds glaze over it stealing its light. The winds blow swaying the trees, a branch gently taps against the window. My heart feels as dark and yet alive as the trees. My thoughts roll through my mind like they roll through the dark sky. Just need to feel you near. Hear your voice to bring my heart out of this darkness. And set it on fire. Then the clouds in my head will fade away. And my mind and body will feel at ease. I whisper your name, hoping the wind will gently carry it to you. And you will return to me .

This is by John, The Eclectic. Contrarian

Inspired by my post.

She sits and watches the moon .

And thinks thoughts

Darker than her coffee.

Maybe she’s in tune with the dark

Or it’s lunacy.

Love Johns’s writing. Need to check it out.