Blooming …my world

Everything is starting to come together outside . The grass is greening up the trees and flowers starting to bloom . Where our blueberry bushes are my hubby put fresh shavings down . And by evening I looked out and there in the shavings was a fox rolling all around in it . I couldn’t help but laugh .. believe me the berries end up with the turkeys eating them not us so the fox can enjoy, my hubby just stared shaking his head .oh what a site it was . He was a happy little thing rolling back and forth in it. The turkeys have come and gone until this evening. As I take it all in the sound of the birds and the fountain ..the bubbling of water it, reminds me of a river when it’s flowing and rippling over the stones such a soothing sound, is all I hear Time for one more cup of coffee .

Beautiful sight…

late this afternoon as we where all together eating supper as a family on this snow day . My son noticed a deer out our slider door so we all looked out and we found it to be three of them playing in our yard .. yes playing it looked like it watching them chase each other around our Apple trees and eat them hahahah my poor husband was upset about that part 🙂 but he got over quick enjoying them outside in our yard . Was a nice snow day actually all home together and having a meal together which has been long over due and the beautiful entertainment of our beautiful wildlife enjoying the snow . I can’t tell you how long we watched them it seem like forever then the wind picked up and the ran off into our woods to look for some shelter …. priceless❤️