National Peanut butter Day🥜

As you see today is National Peanut Butter Day, my family and I all love it we go through so many jars in our house . It makes for an easy lunch a midnight snack . We eat it with Marshmallow Fluff or Nutella and then the good old fashion pb and j (jelly) or right out of the jar yes hahaha have done that , just a scoop full and then spoon in the sink 🙂 also grilled it too like grilled cheese but pb and j so yummy now my family thinks that’s disgusting hahaha. Well whatever way you like it no wrong way of eating it .Its good in recipes as well . At my house we like the creamy not crunchy . What do you prefer ? Well time to eat my sandwhich🙂

Today’s Trend…

Today is hot chocolate day! As you can see I’m enjoying some in my favorite mug given to me as a gift from my children. Your probably asking what is that white goop on top if not I will tell you anyways🙂 it’s Marshmallow fluff I love it in my hot chocolate it gives it a creamier taste so delicious. So here’s to hot chocolate day!