Once again Friday!

Good Morning once again it’s Friday. The weeks feel like they are flying by as quick as the weekends… can it slow down just a bit ? I know I stated in my last posts how I wanted them to to get to my sons graduation , BUT I want time with him before this summer as well 🙄 once summer comes he will be off and running … working friends more gym I won’t see him even as much as I do now but so much less . My daughter will be running just as much … it’s what it should be I know no stopping it.

Last night I tried reading and I think I waited too late my eyes got heavy I couldn’t get into it and my hubby had the 80″s channel on so all the 80″s hits where playing and the videos oh my …. well the book was put down and we just sat their in our bed just singing away okay I know how foolish it sounds hahaha you should of saw my son when he walks in to the house returning from the gym and it’s 10 at night and your parents are singing away to each other and laughing this was his face 🙄 hahaha yep he just kept on walking to his room. Hey we love our 80″s 🙂 my daughter as well came home and just laughed at us and then went to her place … well except she left Miss Abigail who kept scratching at our bed so I had to text her to com get her or my hubby wouldn’t have been sleeping last night . She so loves to bother him . Time to finish my coffee and get things done errands to run fun stuff … no .



It’s the middle of the afternoon my house is clean or cleaner .. homemade Mac and cheese baking for supper my daytime shows are over . The sun is bright and shining and it feels warm so I turned the heat down cracked open a couple of windows and thought I would go out on the deck temps are reading 48 so that’s warm for us well the breeze is a bit chilly so I didn’t last long 🙂 but the sky looked beautiful nice and blue and the snow is melting bring to surface the bare ground even though it’s not green yet it’s still nice to see it.

Good Morning!

Good Morning woke to no snow Yay!! so happy I’m hoping that it will start feeling more like Spring now . ready to feel the sun on my face and see the beautiful stars at night . Last night read some in between the comings and goings of my son and his friends to finally things quieting down which believe me I was fine with 🙂but it was funny when it got quiet and my hubby walked out to the darken kitchen after us settling in bed for the night..to grab a glass of water and he thought he saw Lights flashing it was cell phone lights and then could see shadows of two boys sitting on our couch in the dark on their phones eating cereal .. my son no where in sight ..finding out he was in bed trying to sleep and his friends didn’t want to go home yet so they sat in our living room for awhile ,well I’m happy they feel comfortable at our house …🙂So that was my night hahaha well it’s time to get things done for the day have a good day everyone as I just noticed what time it was. 🙂.

Quiet …

Ahh so happy there is really no snow coming our way, I want the schools track to stay clear . 3rd day of track and field practice for my son. I believe he’s enjoying it. I’m happy to see him content at the moment . The evenings here and my hubby and I have finished our dinner and cleaned up the kitchen now we are just relaxing in the quietness of our house watching the evening news and it’s 6:30 here and still light out which is a plus. My daughter is still working but heading back out later with a friend., my son arrived home from practice with a couple of his buddies and have gone out can’t complain he’s been home the past three nights , that’s a record for him hahaha.. after the news I think I will settle and read the book my daughter lended me . It feels nice to be reading again. . I think we will have company though when my daughter goes out later Miss Abigail will be laying with my hubby and I ❤️

Occupying the mind..

I’m settled in bed my daughter lend me a book she was given for Christmas to read . She wasn’t sure if it was something she would like and has others to read . I’ve started it probably will not get to far into it tonight I m feeling like I could go to sleep at any moment. It’s good so far and will keep me busy being that it’s 460 pages long . I will keep you posted how I do with it and when I finish . It’s nice to have a book especially a thick one to get into . Well going to read a bit more then off to bed goodnight everyone.

Off kind of day …

what a day everything just feels off … is off.. I just do not know everything going wrong at home then you go to the store the only two items your son wants for food there is none but every other kind . Your gas tank in your car reads to bars and 80 miles I can drive it’s a subie so I put $10 in still says 80 and 2bars showing so my daughter and I are dumbfounded so where thinking did the guy actually have gas in that pump or is my car broke? Hmm… so we go to another gas tank I add 10 more and now it reads 260 okay now it’s working . The news isn’t any better so many bad things happening .. and no answers… just been a strange day and it’s only suppertime. I am ready to crawl under the covers hahaha. Sadly I usually would be jumping for joy being that it’s the 1st day of Spring but it doesn’t look it and it’s so cold out…I’m trying to fine a silver lining here somewhere maybe it will come tomorrow when I can sit back and reflect and laugh about it.🙂